Will Muschamp rips Florida fans: They need to get a grip

Will Muschamp was not in the best of moods following his Florida Gators’ 19-14 loss at South Carolina on Saturday.

Muschamp has been the subject of a lot of criticism this season, but he did receive a vote of confidence from the school’s athletic director during the week. The loss to South Carolina will have his job in question once again. After the game, Muschamp decided to address the negativity of some of the fans.

“You can say what you want to say and you can write whatever the hell you want to write, it’s real. It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating for that locker room,” Muschamp said.

“To hell with me — I’m worried about the kids. You know these kids have fought their butts off. There’s a lot of negativity out there and some of our fans need to get a grip. They really do. They got a bunch of kids in that locker room fighting their butt off.

“They can criticize me all you want. I’m great with that. They pay me enough money to deal with it. But those kids don’t. They really don’t. And they fought their butts off. And they’ve continued to fight and play hard. Nobody’s ever questioned their efforts.”

Muschamp was so upset during the loss, he actually cut his hand punching a chalkboard during halftime:

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Marshall Henderson taunted Florida fans with Gator Chomp (Video)

Marshall Henderson gator chompMarshall Henderson is a player fans love to hate, and he plays the role to perfection.

During Sunday’s SEC tournament championship game, Henderson taunted Florida fans by doing the Gator Chomp after making a 3-pointer to put Ole Miss up 59-53. The three gave the Rebels their biggest lead of the game, and it came five minutes after Henderson made three free throws to give Ole Miss its first lead of the game.

Players know the easiest way to get Gators fans ticked at you is by doing that gesture towards the crowd. Brock Berlin was hated after he did it to Florida fans following his transfer to Miami, and now Henderson joins him in the same category. Henderson previously antagonized Auburn fans with a taunting celebration following a win in January.

Henderson is doing his best to become one of the biggest characters this March.

“I dreamed I gave them the Gator chomp. Then I woke up and said, ‘Hmmmm, gator bait,’ ” Henderson said after the game, per The Palm Beach Post’s Jason Lieser.

A day earlier, Henderson shared his hilarious goal for the rest of the season: “make a name for myself so I can get this money.”

Henderson had 21 points in the 66-63 win over Florida. He’ll have a chance to impress scouts Friday in the tourney against No. 5 seed Wisconsin. We’ll see if he can get that paper.

Florida fans use ad in Georgia school newspaper to talk trash (Picture)

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As a college student, the one place you would expect to be free from trash talk during a big rivalry week is on your own campus. Chances are there are very few Florida Gator fans on the Georgia campus, so one would think only positive stuff would be floating around about the Bulldogs heading into arguably their most important game of the season this weekend. As you can see from the photo above that Saturday Down South shared with us, that is not the case.

A group of Florida fans took out a full-page ad in the Georgia student newspaper this week just to troll the Bulldogs. The ad predicts a three-touchdown victory for Florida in addition to a series of negative hypothetical quotes about Mark Richt’s squad and a reminder of the lack of success they have had against highly-ranked opponents.

No word yet on whether or not Richt will pull a Charlie Weis and try to intimidate the the school paper.

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Florida Fan Wants to Change Middle Name of Son ‘Spurrier Urban’

Yes, there are Florida Gators fans so dedicated to the their favorite team they would actually name a child after the school’s football coaches.

Jen Wiley, a Florida graduate and huge Gators fan, named her son “Spurrier Urban” after the two Florida football coaches who won national championships at the school.

But as Bay News 9 reports, she wants to change her son’s middle name now that Urban Meyer has taken a job with Ohio State.

“I felt sick actually,” Wiley said. “I want to change his middle name.”

Given that Jen named her son after another Florida coach who left the school, we’re guessing she’ll be able to get over this one in time. Think about it: Steve Spurrier was doing work at South Carolina when the child was born in 2006. I wouldn’t let this get me down if I were Urban.

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