Gio Gonzalez restrained in the dugout after flipping on teammate (Video)

Gio-Gonzalez-restrainedGio Gonzalez could not stop the Oakland Athletics from sweeping the Washington Nationals on Sunday, as he gave up seven earned runs and nine hits in just 4 1/3 innings of work. Gonzalez gave up two home runs to A’s catcher Derek Norris in the first two innings and dug his team into an early 7-0 hole. When the second inning ended, he threw a temper tantrum in the dugout.

It is unclear which teammate Gonzalez was furious with, but he had to be restrained by pitching coach Steve McCatty after slamming his glove in the dugout.

“Nothing happened,” Gonzalez told reporters after the game.

As James Wagner of the Washington Post noted, Gonzalez may have been upset after a foul pop off the bat of Yoenis Cespedes fell safely between three Nationals players, including shortstop Ian Desmond. Gonzalez then walked Cespedes, which allowed Norris to come to the plate for a second time in two innings.

“It’s just competition,” Nats manager Matt Williams said. “We’re not going to go any further than that with it. That’s the team’s business and for nobody else. But everybody wants to do well, and everybody wants to win.”

These things happen, and they are more likely to happen in the middle of a frustrating sweep. I’m sure Gonzalez and Desmond (or whoever else he was pissed at) have already smoothed it over.

Gio Gonzalez helps high schooler ask girl to the prom


Georgetown Prep high school senior Nick Rolle’s list of potential prom dates consisted of one name — his girlfriend Lauren Thomas. But apparently having a girlfriend doesn’t mean you can slack on extending an invite to the big dance, because Rolle went all out.

Rolle is fortunately enough to have a connection to the Washington Nationals. His grandfather is MASN studio host Johnny Holliday. When Rolle asked Holliday if he thought a Nationals player would be interested in helping him ask Thomas to the prom, Holliday helped him come up with a plan.

“It’s interesting to see how things have evolved,” Rolle told Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog earlier this week. “This day and age it’s kind of important how you ask. It’s almost as important as the actual night, especially if you have a girlfriend.”

Holliday arranged for Rolle and Thomas to be given field passes for the April 21 game against the Los Angeles Angels. They were watching batting practice from the home plate area when Gio Gonzalez came over to introduce himself. Gonzalez handed Thomas the baseball you see above.

“She smiled and was just really, really surprised,” Rolle said. “She said yes, and Gio hung around and joked with us for a few minutes. It was perfect; he was so down to Earth. He could’ve just given us the ball and walked away, but he spent some time with us.”

We knew Gio was a generous guy based on all the gifts he bought for his family. Kudos to him for taking part in the plan, and big ups to Rolle for going through the effort. Just think of what the marriage proposal will be like.

Gio Gonzalez sprints out his home run (Video)

Gio-Gonzalez-sprints-home-runWashington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez is currently tied for second in the National League with one home run. Gonzalez picked up a win against the New York Mets on Wednesday night, and he helped his own cause by belting a solo homer to deep left-center field in the fifth inning.

The ball bounced back into the ballpark, so Gonzalez wasn’t about to take any chances. He ran as fast as he could around the bases even after the umpire made the home run signal.

“The way I was running, I was like ‘I got a chance,’” he told reporters after the game, per Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post. “I was about to slide home.”

One of the announcers gave Gonzalez credit for legging out the homer in case it went to replay and was overturned, but that reasoning doesn’t really make sense. The outfielder gave up because the ump made the home run signal. If it was reviewed and overturned, it would have been called a ground-rule double.

Still, watching Gio book it around the bases like that was worth the price of admission. I’m sure he’ll hear it from his teammates all year.

Gio Gonzalez caught a massive sailfish


Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez loves to fish. During an interview in January, he said one of his goals is to catch a big marlin and throw it back into the ocean. It took him less than a month to accomplish that feat.

Gonzalez went fishing with a group of friends over the weekend and reeled in a massive sailfish. Sailfish are from the same family as marlins, they just have a more distinguished dorsal fin and a larger bill than their relatives. He should consider that mission accomplished.

Gonzalez still has a long way to go if he wants to catch a fish as big as the one Mike Trout’s crew caught last winter, but it’s a start.

Photo via Instagram/Gio Gonzalez
H/T DC Sports Bog via SI Hot Clicks

Gio Gonzalez, Jayson Werth argue in dugout

Gio Gonzalez Jayson WerthWashington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez and right fielder Jayson Werth got into it with each other during the first inning of the team’s 4-2 win over the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday night.

It’s unclear what they were upset over, but chances are Werth’s effort on Joaquin Arias’ double down the right field line might have bothered the pitcher. Werth had a hitch after going to field the ball by the wall and then made a weak throw into second, not even challenging Arias, who slid in easily with the double:

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Gio Gonzalez, Danny Valencia cleared in Biogenesis suspensions

Gio Gonzalez NatsWashington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez and Baltimore Orioles infielder Danny Valencia were the only players who were cleared by MLB despite appearing in Biogenesis’ records.

From the start, Gonzalez had a strong explanation for appearing in the records. According to the Miami New Times, Gonzalez’s name appeared in the charts five times. Gonzalez’s father’s name also appears in conjunction with the pitcher’s. Gonzalez’s father, Max, claims he went to Bosch for weight loss and that his son was never involved.

Here’s what the New Times said in their original article:

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Gio Gonzalez bought his family all luxury cars, his brother a new boat

Gio-Gonzalez-NationalsNationals starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez signed a hefty contract extension over the winter that will keep him in Washington through at least 2016. The deal is reportedly worth $42 million and could be worth as much as $65 million if the Nationals exercise their team options in 2016 and 2017. The contract certainly gives the 27-year-old financial security, and it sounds like his family is reaping the benefits.

Before a recent game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki took the mic for MASN and interviewed Gonzalez and D-Backs pitcher Trevor Cahill (the three were once teammates in Oakland). Suzuki asked Cahill and Gonzalez what they bought after signing their recent extensions, and Gonzalez was not shy about providing detail. Via Sarah Kogod of DC Sports Bog:

“I’m already broke,” Gonzalez joked. “I got a couple toys for my brother, a couple of toys for my mom. … Well, first I bought myself a nice house. I moved out of Hialeah, live in Broward now. I bought me, also, a nice little car. A Lamborghini. And then I bought my brother one, a Lamborghini. I bought my mom a Rolls Royce. I bought my brother a boat, and I bought my dad a Bentley.

Depending on the model of each of the aforementioned luxury vehicles, that’s got to be somewhere in the ballpark of $2 million worth of gifts. Given that he seems to be such a generous guy, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one who paid for these hilarious shirts to rip on pitching coach Steve McCatty. Gonzalez certainly seems to know how to have a good time.