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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: handshakes

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade do elaborate pregame handshake (Video)

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade may no longer play for the same team, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that based on the greeting they gave each other prior to Friday’s Miami Heat-Cleveland Cavaliers game. The former Heat teammates exchange the kind of handshake you’d typically see by teammates, not opponents: LeBron & Dwade…Read More

Wake Forest WR has crazy amount of personalized handshakes (Video)

If this video does not blow you away, then there is no hope for you. Wake Forest athletics put together this video of Demon Deacons WR Cortez Lewis going around campus and the football field, showcasing his personalized handshakes he has with his various teammates. It’s nothing short of impressive. Lewis probably was the greatest…Read More

Jim Mora cuts short handshake with Bill Snyder over last play (Video)

Jim Mora cut short his postgame handshake with Bill Snyder following UCLA’s 40-35 win over Kansas State in the Alamo Bowl on Friday night, leading to widespread backlash. Mora could be seen barely extending a hand to the longtime Wildcats coach and withdrawing quickly without leaning in for a hug or brief conversation. He didn’t…Read More

Mike Leach told Paul Petrino ‘f— you’ during postgame handshake (Video)

Washington State enjoyed a relatively uneventful 42-0 win over Idaho on Saturday night. The Cougars cruised to victory as expected, with the most exciting part of the evening coming after the game when Washington State coach Mike Leach and Idaho coach Paul Petrino met at midfield for their handshake. Petrino was obviously upset with Leach…Read More

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce leave court without shaking hands (Video)

Kevin Garnett stayed true to his competitive form to the very end. After the Boston Celtics lost to the New York Knicks 88-80 in a series-ending Game 6 at TD Garden on Friday, Garnett walked off the court without appearing to shake hands with his opponents. Teammates Paul Pierce and Jason Terry were right in…Read More

LeBron James appears to have a secret handshake with the towel boy (GIF)

LeBron James has come across as pompous and arrogant at various points throughout his nine-year NBA career, but those instances have been far more infrequent since he captured his first championship with the Miami Heat last season. We saw another example of that after LeBron scored 28 points in a win over the Milwaukee Bucks…Read More

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