Houston defender throws up on the field before play against Memphis (GIF)


Houston-defender-pukesHouston got off to a fast start against Memphis on Saturday when they scored the game’s first touchdown just 1:55 seconds after recovering a fumble in the first quarter. When Memphis the ball back, they slowed things down. The Tigers put together more than a seven-minute drive and capped it off with a field goal. When they got down inside the 10-yard line, one Houston defender had clearly had enough.

Just before Memphis snapped the ball, a Cougars safety barfed all over the field. This wasn’t the first college football player we have seen puke on the field this season, but it is uncommon to see it happen so early in a game. Hopefully he’s not battling a stomach virus or something and is able to remain in the game.

GIF via Mocksession

Houston Coach Tony Levine’s Daughter Picks an Enormous Booger and Eats it During Press Conference (Video)

Apparently Monday was just one of those days.  It was a huge day for college bowl games, with the Rose and Fiesta Bowls giving us the thrilling finishes we hope for during bowl season.  For whatever reason, it was also a day for digging stuff out of your nose and eating it.  Unlike the Wisconsin coach who had himself a snack during the first quarter of the Rose Bowl, Houston coach Tony Levine’s daughter has an excuse: she’s a toddler.  Still, the fact that the booger was so enormous makes the moment a must-see.  Check out this video that My FOX Dallas Fort-Worth passed along:

Talk about picking a winner.  That was some straight up spaghetti strand action right there.  If finding food in your nose is your thing, it doesn’t get any better than that.  All those who pick their nose and eat it should take notes.  That’s how you feast.

H/T to Sports by Brooks Live for pointing out the video