Jay Cutler concerned about Jordan Palmer revealing Bears’ inside info

jay-cutlerJordan Palmer spent all of training camp and most of the preseason with the Chicago Bears before he was released on Monday. The 30-year-old backup quarterback was quickly signed by the Buffalo Bills, who happen to be playing the Bears in the first week of the season. Coincidence? Perhaps, but Jay Cutler doesn’t seem thrilled about it.

Earlier this week, Cutler told reporters that Palmer will definitely be able to give the Bills some information on the ins and outs of Chicago’s offense.

“It’s not an ideal situation,” he said, via Dan Widerer of The Chicago Tribune. “It’s not exactly what you’d want. He can give them a few things I’m sure. He’ll be meeting with (Bills defensive coordinator Jim) Schwartz pretty much immediately.”

The Bears can make adjustments, but you can’t change an entire offseason’s worth of work for one opponent. They’ll do their best to disguise some plays and formations, but Cutler said the Bills will probably know what’s coming in certain situations.

“He knows snap counts, some of the stuff we do with some of our checks, what plays we like,” Cutler explained. “But they still have to defend it. So I don’t think we’ll change much if anything. Maybe a few tweaks here and there. But we’ll just have to go play football.”

Bills head coach Doug Marrone said signing Palmer had nothing to do with Buffalo’s Week 1 opponent.

“I’m not part of that, ‘Hey, let’s bring the guy in and get information and things like that,'” he told Syracuse.com on Wednesday. “I think that’d be very disrespectful to Jordan if I did that, honestly.”

If any team can handle making adjustments on the fly, it should be the Bears. Marc Trestman, who is often referred to as “The Quarterback Whisperer,” is an offensive genius. He should have plenty of tricks up his sleeve to keep the Bills guessing.

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Donovan McNabb: Jay Cutler lucky Bears gave him that contract

jay-cutlerAdd Jay Cutler to this list of NFL quarterbacks that Donovan McNabb believes are overpaid. The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who has become quite the critic since he retired in 2011, is stunned that Cutler signed a seven-year, $126 million deal with the Chicago Bears earlier this year.

During an interview with 87.7 The Game’s Jarrett, Harry and Spike Show on Thursday, McNabb described Cutler as “lucky.”

“Are you serious?” McNabb asked, via CSNChicago.com. “I think Jay might be the luckiest dude in Chicago, to be honest with you, with the contract that he received for what we haven’t seen thus far.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think Jay’s got a strong arm, I think the sky’s the limit for him. But for what we’ve seen in Chicago, when you didn’t finish the NFC Championship — which it was due to injury. But even with that, you haven’t been able to get past that hump you needed.”

McNabb, while admitting that Cutler has been slowed by injury, was making the point that Cutler is fortunate to have been paid so handsomely without winning in the playoffs. The contract really works out to a three-year, $54 million deal with options each season after that, but McNabb doesn’t seem to care.

“This is a real big year,” McNabb added. “Josh McCown, your buddy, is not here no more. So you have no excuse. When you look across the board, you have the best wide receiver duo in the NFL. A great running back who they wouldn’t pay just about a year and a half ago, and then the tight end is excellent. And the offensive line finally looks good because you throw the ball, you don’t drop back 12, 14 yards.”

To a certain extent, McNabb is right. It just gets old hearing it from him. He said the same stuff about Tony Romo after he signed his big deal and again when Matthew Stafford signed his. You can’t help but think McNabb is bitter and jealous.

Kristin Cavallari: Jay Cutler is weirded out by pregnancy sex

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

Jay Cutler and wife Kristin Cavallari are expecting their second child — another boy — and Cavallari revealed a little more than we probably needed to know during a recent interview.

Cavallari, who is about seven months pregnant, says her husband gets weird about sex now that she has a huge baby bump.

“Sex is funny when you’re pregnant. Guys get weird about it,” Cavallari told Fit Pregnancy‘s April/May issue, according to People.

“I’m like, ‘Oh Jay, the baby’s kicking!’ And he’s like, not wanting to know about it.”

Cutler’s probably not the first guy to be weirded out by pregnancy sex, nor will he be the last. But come on, Jay, you gotta show the wifey love no matter what!

Let’s not forget, though, that this is the same guy who mailed an engagement ring, so maybe this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

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Chicago Bears sign Jay Cutler to seven-year extension

Jay-Cutler-Likes-Bears-Being-Under-RadarThe Chicago Bears have signed Jay Cutler to a seven-year contract extension. Bears general manager Phil Emery announced the deal on Tuesday.

“We are very excited to have Jay for the long term,” Emery said. “He’s a demonstrated winner with the Chicago Bears. He can be a key player in terms of being the reason you win.”

Backup quarterback Josh McCown enjoyed a great deal of success this season while Cutler was out with injuries, which led many to believe that the Bears might bring the veteran back for another season and draft a quarterback to save money. Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com is reporting that Cutler’s new deal averages around $18 million for the first three seasons, so Chicago obviously felt comfortable paying him.

The Joe Flacco comparisons are already rolling in, with the common belief being that Cutler has been overpaid and is not one of the top quarterbacks in the league. The difference is Flacco won a Super Bowl, whereas Cutler really hasn’t won anything. Still, he is obviously head coach Marc Trestman’s guy.

Despite McCown’s nearly flawless play in seven games this season, Trestman immediately inserted Cutler back into the starting lineup when he returned from injury in Week 15 with the Bears still in the playoff hunt. They wound up losing their last two games of the season, but the team clearly does not feel the burden of those losses belongs on Cutler’s shoulders. Time will tell if they will come to regret it.

Brandon Marshall: There has been ‘a little chatter’ about Josh McCown vs. Jay Cutler

jay-cutlerChicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman trusts his offensive system. For evidence of that, look no further than his decision to insert Jay Cutler back into the starting lineup immediately upon his return from injury. Backup quarterback Josh McCown lit it up while Cutler was recovering, but Trestman showed loyalty to his starter.

Plenty of people have questioned Trestman’s decision, and he would be receiving even more criticism if Cutler was unable to overcome his two interceptions against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Earlier this week, Brandon Marshall admitted that there has been some “chatter” within the Bears’ locker room over who the starting quarterback should be.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, there is a little chatter,” Marshall told Jay Mohr Sports on Fox Sports Radio. “There’s a human element side of things in the sporting world. You have a quarterback like Josh McCown playing so hot, not only playing great ball for the Bears, but he’s one of the hotter QB’s in the NFL. He was up there with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, those few weeks he was leading us.

“So, naturally there is gonna be a little chatter, but at the end of the day we know that Jay Cutler is our QB. He’s our franchise QB…he’s our leader.”

Again, Trestman trusts his system. While it may look to some like he is trying to please Cutler, Trestman basically feels that his offense will succeed with McCown or Cutler. Thus far, he has been right. McCown has done a far better job of protecting the ball than Cutler (13 TDs and just one interception), but Trestman believes he can win with either. If some of the players disagree, Cutler will have a chance to clam their nerves against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

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Brandon Marshall: Jay Cutler is our starting quarterback, not Josh McCown

Brandon Marshall BearsJosh McCown has played well for the Chicago Bears as a replacement for the injured Jay Cutler, but Brandon Marshall says Cutler is still the team’s starting quarterback.

Marshall, who had six catches for 100 yards in the win over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, was a guest on ESPN’s postgame show. Host Suzy Kolber said that McCown’s 27-of-36, 348-yard, four-touchdown game will have people talking about a quarterback controversy in Chicago. Marshall stopped her before she could finish her thoughts.

“Chop it down right now!” Marshall interrupted.

“Kill it,” he said, referring to the controversy speculation.

“Jay’s our guy. Jay’s our guy,” Marshall repeated. “Jay, before the injury, he was playing his best ball ever. What we’re learning as players is it’s not about the individuals, it’s about us playing together.

“Yes, Josh is doing well. You have to give him credit — he’s playing lights out — one of the best quarterbacks playing right now. But Jay Cutler, he’s a special guy. There are some things he can do that other quarterbacks can’t. That’s the physical part. But I put Jay Cutler in any room in the NFL, and he’s the smartest guy in the room. So he brings a lot to the table.”

Cutler has always been Marshall’s guy going back to their days together in Denver, so it’s no surprise that he heavily backed his man. Cutler was having his best statistical season for the Bears across the board prior to being sidelined by an ankle injury. Even McCown said all along that he was just filling in for Cutler and not trying to take his starting job.

Though I say the job is Cutler’s when he’s back, it’s nice for the Bears to have the luxury of not having to rush Jay because McCown is playing well.

The other question with the Bears is what they plan to do with Cutler long term. Cutler will be a free agent after the season. Do they franchise tag him? Try to work out an extension? Or do they consider trading him? I think they can win a Super Bowl with him at quarterback given the weapons they’ve provided him on offense. What they need is to improve their horrific run defense.

Marc Trestman admits he should have taken Jay Cutler out earlier

jay-cutlerJay Cutler gave his Chicago Bears teammates a courageous performance on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, playing through a groin injury that was still healing and an ankle injury he suffered in the second quarter. Prior to spraining his ankle, Cutler was on the money. He completed 12 of 18 passes for 148 yards and a touchdown in the first half. The second half was an entirely different story.

Cutler threw for 102 yards and an interception in quarters three and four. He obviously wasn’t the same player, and he was replaced with backup Josh McCown with just over two minutes remaining. On Monday, head coach Marc Trestman admitted he should have made the move sooner.

“I sit back and look back, and maybe not second guess,” Trestman told WBBM 780, via ESPNChicago.com. “But I went through the tape closely this morning and watched Jay’s performance. I thought he did well into the fourth quarter. But at the end of the day, if we had to do it all over again, maybe it would be one series before the two-minute drill.”

Despite the fact that Cutler looked lost, Trestman left the decision of staying in the game or coming out in his hands. Being the competitor that he is, Cutler tried to gut it out. Once McCown replaced him and led a touchdown drive, it became obvious that the switch happened too late.

Cutler said he took himself out.

“I felt really restricted in the pocket with what I was able to do,” he explained. “[The ball] wasn’t getting out as quick. Some of my throws didn’t have as much hum as I wanted. I knew Josh was ready to go, and I just didn’t want to get to the point where I was hurting us more than I was helping us.”

What’s the old saying? Nobody likes a Monday morning quarterback? Trestman may end up regretting the way he coached, but he did what most coaches would have done with a quarterback who wanted to stay in. It backfired. Welcome to the NFL.