Memphis PA Announcer Introduces John Calipari as Tigers Coach (Video)

It’s been nearly three years since John Calipari left Memphis for Kentucky, but don’t tell that to the Tigers’ PA announcer. Memphis’ PA announcer introduced John Calipari as the Tigers’ coach prior to the team’s game against Murray State Sunday. That’s a bit of a problem, considering Josh Pastner is the team’s head coach.

Watch the video below, and listen for all the boos:

That blunder (or intentionally cruel joke?) set the tone for a home loss for the Tigers against Murray State. I’d really like to know how the person screwed that up so badly. It’s probably the biggest on-air blunder we’ve heard since this one.

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John Calipari Forgets, or Doesn’t Care, That Louisville is in Kentucky (Video)

John Calipari could be the easiest man to hate in college basketball.  Whether it is the rumors that he helped Derek Rose cheat on his SATs or his reputation as someone who runs from recruiting violations, there are plenty of reasons to dislike Coach Cal.  His verbal jabs at other coaches have left him with few friends among the NCAA coaching circle, but Calipari doesn’t seem to care.

You can call it a brain fart or call it an evil genius at work, but Calipari did a great job of pissing a lot of Louisville fans, players, and coaches off during a recent interview with KSTV.  Check out the following clip that The Dagger shared with us.  Skip ahead to the 2-minute mark and see if anything strikes you as strange or inaccurate about Coach Cal’s comments.

I know there are a few guys out there who wear black and red that have a different perspective on the state of Kentucky’s geography.  Those guys happen to play pretty good ball and are considered an annual powerhouse.  Honest mistake or pig-headed comment delivered to perfection?

John Calipari’s Face Carved into Corn Maze by Kentucky Fans (Picture)

A Lexington, Ky. family has carved John Calipari’s face into a 10 acre field of corn. The maze is part of the Giants Corn Maze at Kelley Farms, a Halloween attraction that’s open from late September-October. In addition to the Calipari maze, they also will have a basketball-themed word puzzle.

So why did they do it? Duh, they’re like totally hardcore Kentucky fans!

“We think a lot of Coach Calipari,” said farm owner John Kelley. “He’s almost like part of the family. Kelley. Calipari. I think we might be related, somewhere way back,” he laughs. “Really, we just want to let Coach Cal know how much he means to Kentucky and how much Kentucky appreciates having him lead our basketball team.”

Calipari saw the maze and wondered if his nose was really that big. I’m wondering if they’re going to regret creating the maze after Calipari inevitably gets popped for an NCAA violation and has to leave the school. Until that point, they can celebrate him in their Field of Dreams. And between this and the Tim Thomas field, what’s up with all the corn maze tributes lately?

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John Calipari Denies Phone Call Comment Applied to Coach K, Even Though it Does

Kentucky coach John Calipari made some comments on a Memphis radio show Thursday morning that seemed to be a shot at Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. Appearing on Sportstime with George Lapides on Sports 56 WHBQ, Calipari was pontificating about the NCAA and the changes that need to be made. He then made a comment about certain coaches getting preferential treatment.

“You’ve got coaches being fired over phone calls and text messages. Some. Other guys can make phone calls and it’s not that big a deal.”

Eye on College Basketball has the audio if you want to listen to the context. Most people figured it was a veiled shot at Coach K who was hardly scrutinized for possibly committing a secondary recruiting violation.

After seeing that his comments were interpreted as a shot at Coach K, John Calipari issued a denial statement on twitter. “My comments on the radio this morning had nothing to do w/ Mike Krzyzewski. He has actually been very helpful to me in preparing my DR team.”

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John Calipari Setting Up Kentucky Pros vs. Dominican Republic Game

We told you in April that John Calipari was considering coaching the Dominican Republic national team. Cal has agreed to coach the team and he’s preparing them for the 2011 FIBA Americas Championship. In fact, he’s arranged a game between former Kentucky stars and his Dominican team. You’ll recognize many of the players on the roster.

According to Calipari, the Kentucky team will be coached by Joe B. Hall and Sam Bowie. John Wall, Rajon Rondo, Tayshaun Prince, DeMarcus Cousins, Jodie Meeks, Nazr Mohammed, Eric Bledsoe and Keith Bogans will play for the Kentucky pros.

The Dominican National Team will be coached by Calipari. Pros Francisco Garcia, Al Horford, and Charlie Villanueva are scheduled to play for the team. They’ll be joined by nine others.

The game will take place August 15th at Rupp Arena and tickets will go on sale shortly. I have to say, coaching the Dominican team was a genius move by Cal. The exposure he’ll receive in the D.R. will be huge. It will give Kentucky a major recruiting advantage in the country.

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John Calipari Will Celebrate His 500th Career Win a Second Time at Kentucky

Kentucky celebrated coach John Calipari’s 500th win on February 26th after the Wildcats beat Florida in an SEC game last season. The celebration was nice (even if Calipari’s barely been at the school), but it was also inaccurate. See, Kentucky had been counting the wins Calipari earned at UMass and Memphis that were vacated by the NCAA, so he had an extra 42 by their total.

The NCAA called the celebration troubling and wanted an apology. On Thursday, it came. (somewhat).

UK said in a release Thursday that it had agreed to list Calipari’s career win-loss record “in our media guides, Internet sites and other publications consistent with the NCAA’s official records and statistics.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Calipari is one of the dirtiest coaches in college basketball, so I like him getting stripped of wins. However, this news clears the way for Kentucky to celebrate him for a second time. Maybe the best solution would have been for the NCAA to wait two years before saying anything, that way Calipari would have officially passed the 500 win mark and there would have been no chance for a second celebration. Knowing Kentucky, they’ll probably have a statue ready for him when he does it again.

John Calipari Considering Coaching Dominican Republic National Team

John Calipari and Rick Pitino compete as college coaches of rival universities and they may be opposing each other in international competitions as well. Calipari wrote on his website Tuesday afternoon he was considering coaching the Dominican Republic national team.

The Kentucky coach says he was approached by the Dominican Basketball Federation about coaching their national team during the season. He explains his potential role as the country’s coach, “Not only would I help train coaches in the Dominican Republic and here in Lexington like we have with the Chinese coaches, but I would also coach their national team.”

Calipari says the commitment would run from August to mid-September and that he would lead the team in the Tournament of the Americas. From the tone of his piece, it sure sounds like it will happen.

If Calipari accepts the position, he’ll join Louisville coach Rick Pitino as the coach of an international team. Pitino agreed to coach the Puerto Rican national team in December, and the move is thought to help the coaches broaden their recruiting reach.