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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban proposes NBA playoff expansion to 20 teams

The Mark Cuban Revenge Tour 2015 is officially off and running. Ostensibly seeking some form of restitution after the DeAndre Jordan imbroglio, the Mavericks owner is reportedly pushing for an expansion of the number of teams that make the NBA Playoffs. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban proposes playoff expansion in NBA: “Why do just 8 teams…Read More

Mark Cuban not accepting DeAndre Jordan’s apology

DeAndre Jordan sent a few tweets on Friday to publicly apologize to Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks for backing out on his commitment to the team, but Cuban is not accepting it — for good reason. Here are the tweets that were sent from Jordan’s account: I want to publicly apologize to one of…Read More

Chris Broussard apologizes for Mark Cuban report

Chris Broussard appears to have backtracked on his report about Mark Cuban that caused so much uproar. The ESPN reporter sent a statement on Twitter Friday to apologize for not reaching out to the Mavericks owner prior to sending his controversial tweet Tuesday night. “Regarding my Wednesday report: I should have attempted to contact Mark…Read More

Mark Cuban: DeAndre Jordan told me he was ‘on a date’

Mark Cuban said on Thursday that he had not spoken to DeAndre Jordan in two days, and the last time they touched base was apparently over text message. On Friday morning, Cuban revealed that Jordan reached out to him via text message on Tuesday night. But the big man told a lie. Cuban explained what…Read More

Chris Broussard fires back at Mark Cuban: ‘I stand by my sources’

Chris Broussard is taking the word of his sources over that of Mark Cuban in a report about Mark Cuban. On Wednesday night, Broussard reported that Cuban was driving around the Houston area texting DeAndre Jordan’s family in a desperate attempt to figure out where Jordan lives. Cuban responded on Thursday morning by unloading on…Read More

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