Michael Phelps sinks 153-foot putt (Video)

Whether it’s in the swimming pool or on the golf course, it seems like Michael Phelps can’t go wrong.

The Olympic gold medalist is playing at St. Andrews in Scotland this week and drained an estimated 153-foot putt during the second round of the Dunhill Links Championship on Friday. That was just Phelps’ second shot on the par-4 sixth hole, and it was by far the best putt of his golfing career.

“That was the longest putt I’ve ever holed,” Phelps said according to the Associated Press. “It was pretty incredible, watching it dive in was a pretty cool feeling. So to be able to have a net hole-in-one was pretty special.”

Phelps is a 16 handicap at golf, but that number may be dropping. He said during the Olympics that he planned to play a lot of golf in retirement, and it looks like he has some skills he can develop. Maybe he can also work on picking up his sagging pants in the back.

Michael Phelps celebrates retirement by partying in Las Vegas, winning in poker

Michael Phelps didn’t labor too hard over the holiday weekend. The swimming wizard continued his post-Olympics world traveling tour by spending some time in Las Vegas.

We’re told Phelps partied at Encore Las Vegas with training partner Allison Schmitt and poker player Phil Hellmuth on Friday, even taking his turn spinning records along with Afrojack (pictured below). Fellow swimmers Nathan Adrian and Charles Houchin joined him at the pool the next day when Phelps received a cake celebrating his retirement (pictured).

TMZ also reports that Phelps, a serious poker player, won $100,000 playing cards at Caesar’s Palace, though Phelps said the report was false.

No word on when Phelps will begin swimming with sharks.

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Ryan Lochte on not swimming with Michael Phelps: ‘I’m definitely going to miss him’

Now that Michael Phelps has announced he will officially retire from swimming, Ryan Lochte will be the star of the show for Team USA in the pool. Anytime the most decorated Olympian of all time is not competing, other swimmers have a better chance to take home a medal. While no Phelps could mean a better shot at a gold for Lochte and others in 2016, Ryan says he is going to miss the rivalry and camaraderie.

“I’ve been racing against him for eight years, and every time I go up on the blocks he’s right there next to me, so I’m used to it,” Lochte said on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday according to US Weekly. “He’s one of the hardest racers I’ve ever had to come across so I’m definitely going to miss him.”

When asked about the rivalry between the two, Lochte said that only exists in the water.

“We kind of leave everything in the pool,” he explained.

Outside of the pool, Phelps and Lochte appear to get along. They have been known to compliment each other on Twitter and can often be seen joking around with one another. The good news for Lochte is that he might have a little less competition now when trying to sell his lame apparel and promote his bizarre catchphrase. The good news for Phelps is that he no longer has to be in the pool next to Lochte when he pees in it.

Michael Phelps’ Louis Vuitton photos could have him in trouble with IOC

The Olympics brand police was active throughout the Games, and they may have a new target: Michael Phelps. The record medal-winning swimmer appears in an ad campaign for leading fashion designer Louis Vuitton, but the photos could cause problems with the International Olympic Committee.

The photos were not scheduled to be released until after the Games ended, but they began popping up on the web last week. The problem is that the brand-conscious Olympics forbid athletes from promoting any non-Olympics sponsors from July 18 to August 15.

The early appearance of the photos could result in severe punishment for Phelps, CNBC reports.

According to Rule 40 from the IOC, “a competitor or a team may lose the benefit of any ranking obtained in relation to other events at the Olympic Games at which he or it was disqualified or excluded; in such case the medals and diplomas won by him or it shall be returned to the IOC.”

Vuitton and the photographer deny they played a role in the photos being leaked while the Games were ongoing, but there could be some consequences, such as Phelps losing his medals.

Based on how upset the IOC got over some unauthorized condoms and Ryan Lochte’s grill, you can never count them out from doling a harsh punishment, though I would bet against it. Olympics officials seemed to soften toward the end of the Games, and the IOC probably wouldn’t risk that much negative publicity over something that may have been out of the Olympian’s hands.

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Michael Phelps’ friends reportedly fear he has a gambling problem

Michael Phelps has more money than he knows what to do with and is also a huge poker fan. It doesn’t take a financial advisor to understand how that could become a dangerous combination. Phelps had a net worth of roughly $40 million heading into the London Olympics, and many believe that number could triple as a result of future endorsements. A lot of it could disappear very quickly if the most decorated Olympian in history enjoys gambling as much as the National Enquirer says he does.

“All Michael thinks about is gambling,” a source told the Enquirer according to the Daily Mail. “Michael has a ‘don’t quit until you win’ attitude which was great while he was swimming but could be costly playing poker.”

The source also said Phelps has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars gambling and that the number could increase into the millions now that he has retired from competitive swimming. Phelps has admitted in the past that he loves playing poker and has met some of his closest friends during games. The Daily Mail also pointed out that Phelps lives with professional poker player Jeff Gross.

“This is not a good element for Michael to be hanging out with,” another source said. ‘It’s just going to get him in trouble – big trouble.”

Phelps’ friends say he plays in a $25,000 buy-in game per week. That probably isn’t much compared to what he’s worth, but legendary athletes like Pete Rose and Michael Jordan have shown us that it can be a slippery slope. Not everyone gets lucky on miraculous comebacks and long-shot horses.

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Michael Phelps and girlfriend Megan Rossee go public (Video)

Michael Phelps and girlfriend Megan Rossee have apparently been dating for about five months, but that wasn’t well known to the public until the two made an appearance together at a Speedo event in London on Monday night.

According to her website, Rossee is a model and actress with experience in “High Fashion Print, Runway, Film and Television.” She lists herself as a 5’9.5″ blonde with blue-green eyes.

The two were seen leaving a club on Sunday but at that time Rossee’s identity was a mystery to many.

As USA Today Sports points out, Rossee hasn’t exactly been quiet about her relationship with Phelps. Her Twitter account is filled with Phelps-related items and indicates she attended the Olympic Trials in Omaha, Neb., to watch him swim.

Here’s a picture of the two together in London, with Phelps holding his Olympic medals:

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Michael Phelps plans to dive with sharks, golf after Olympics

Michael Phelps has been adamant that he is retiring from competitive swimming after the London Games. Phelps goes out with a record 22 medals and is recognized as one of the best Olympians of all time. Many have speculated that the decorated swimmer will miss the competition and return to the pool, but he says otherwise.

Phelps talked with NBC’s Bob Costas on Saturday about his post-Olympics plans.

“No, I’m done,” Phelps answered when asked if he would consider a comeback. “There are other things that I can do. Sure, I am very competitive in everything that I do. I’m not a very good golfer, so if I have a goal of dropping X amount of shots, or working on my short game or putting, those things are going to keep me motivated and fire me up and excite me.

“I think will be able to shift that competitiveness to anything I put my mind to,” he said.

Not only does Phelps believe golf will satiate his need for competition, but he also has plans to dive with sharks after the Games.

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