Thomas Muller bloodied on final play against Ghana


If you want to know what type of match Germany and Ghana played on Saturday afternoon, just look at Thomas Muller’s face. The German forward was bloodied on the final play of the 2-2 draw after taking a shoulder to the head on a free kick.

Germany had one final chance to win the game in stoppage time, and Muller paid the price as Ghana was desperately trying to clear the ball out to preserve the tie. Ghana defender John Boye headed the ball out out of harm’s way while Muller was trying to make a play on it. Boye’s shoulder nailed Muller above the right eye, leaving him with a nasty cut.

Muller received medical attention on the field for a few minutes after the match, and Germany later announced that he was “uninjured.” We’re guessing that means Muller avoided a concussion, because he was clearly injured on some level.

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Reporter Dustin Long breaks ankle while interviewing Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dustin-LongAnyone who tells you sports reporting is not a dangerous job has never met Dustin Long. On Friday, the Motor Racing Network reporter broke his ankle while interviewing Dale Earnhardt Jr.

And this was no minor injury. Long’s Twitter page indicates that he kept doing his job after suffering the break, but we have no idea how he was even getting around. He later saw the doctor for an X-ray and shared a photo of his ankle, which was swollen to about the size of a grapefruit.

Long was still able to take down all of Dale Jr.’s comments and write his story. He also grabbed his crutches and got back to work on Sunday at the Pocono 400.

Give this man a raise.

Daniel Robertson fractures face in collision with Alex Rios (GIF)

Daniel-Robertson-Alex-Rios-collisionTexas Rangers outfielder Daniel Robertson suffered a fractured cheekbone on Thursday after he collided with Alex Rios’ knee while trying to make a play on a ball that was falling between right and center field. Robertson went into a dive while Rios went into a slide, and the 28-year-old rookie’s face paid the price.

As you can see, Robertson’s face hit Rios’ knee so hard his gum went flying out of his mouth. He laid motionless on the grass for a minute or so before being helped up by his teammates.

“It was a hard play, a hustle play and we were both going after it,” Robertson said, via Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News. “There were so many people, it was so hard to hear. It was just bad luck. I know it looked scary and I heard the gum went pretty far.

“There is no finger pointing or anything like that. I hope to be back in there in a couple of days.”

Robertson also added that he would approach the play the same way 10 times out of 10. Fortunately, he showed no signs of a concussion after being removed from the game.

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Mike Napoli’s finger dislocated after dive and looked gross

Mike Napoli finger

Mike Napoli left Tuesday’s Boston Red Sox game against the White Sox in Chicago in the ninth inning after dislocating his finger on a head-first dive into second base, and let me tell you, his finger looked pretty gross.

Napoli walked with one out in the inning and was trying to advance to second on a wild pitch and made it safely, though his finger did not. Dustin Pedroia came in to pinch run for him.

Though Napoli dislocated his finger, doctors re-set it and confirmed it was not broken. Scott Lauber says the team has not ruled Napoli out for Wednesday:

The Sox are already without Shane Octoberino and Will Middlebrooks, and Pedroia has a wrist injury. The last thing they need is Napoli out.

If Napoli does miss time, he’ll join Yasiel Puig and Josh Hamilton on the list of stars who have hurt themselves diving into bases this season.

Vikings OL Josh Samuda suffers gruesome ankle injury (Picture)


Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Josh Samuda suffered an ankle injury during practice on Tuesday that you do not want to see if you have a weak stomach. The Vikings were going through some basic agility drills when Samuda’s ankle bent the wrong way. Ben Garvin of the Pioneer Press was there to capture the aftermath.

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Christian Ehrhoff has ear sliced open by puck


Buffalo Sabres defenseman Christian Ehrhoff is lucky to have woken up on Monday morning with two ears. During his team’s loss to the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday, Ehrhoof took a puck to the side of the head. That ringing noise he heard may have been the sound of his ear splitting in two.

If you have a strong stomach, feel free to proceed through the jump.

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Nick Collison bloodied by Jeff Ayers elbow; needed four staples (GIF)

The San Antonio Spurs lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night in what felt like a playoff preview. It was a hard-fought battle that featured plenty of physical play. If you’d rather not take our word for it, just ask Nick Collison’s head.


Collison got a nasty cut on the top of his head that resulted in blood pouring down his face on all sides. As The Big Lead pointed out, he likely suffered the injury while fighting for a rebound with Spurs center Jeff Ayres.

The Thunder forward went to the locker room to get four staples in his head before returning to the bench in the fourth quarter. It was one of those plays that didn’t look as bad as, say, Mike Dunleavy getting cracked across the face with an elbow, but the result was ultimately the same. If Gatorade is looking to make a commercial featuring backup big men, Collison will almost certainly be in it.