CBS Houston pulls story asking if Thunder cheerleader is too chunky


Earlier this week, CBS Houston writer Claire Crawford wrote a story that raised the question of whether or not one of the Oklahoma City Thunder dancers is “too chunky” to be a cheerleader. The entire story is posted above, and you can read it by clicking each section to enlarge the image.

“We are not trying to be ugly,” Crawford wrote. “We are just discussing what men like in women, specifically NBA cheerleaders.”

Even if men do prefer a specific body type when it comes to cheerleaders, embarrassing the young lady seems totally out of line. CBS Houston probably realized that, which is why the story has been pulled.

The story even ended with a poll question asking readers if they felt she was perfect for the job, could use some “tightening” up, or has “no business” wearing a cheerleading outfit in front of that many people.

Crawford’s real-life name reportedly is Anna-Megan Raley. Her Twitter accounts under her pseudonym and real name have been deleted, and an archive of her posts on CBS Houston have been wiped out for the most part.

The cheerleader who was targeted by the attack, Kelsey Williams, responded to the criticism over Twitter:

Just a couple months ago, we learned the story of a Green Bay Packers cheerleader who took a stand against cyber bullying after reading all the nasty things that were written about her on Facebook. Fans are always going to be ruthless, but there’s no excuse for the media to perpetuate stereotypes and basically highlight a cheerleader who some may consider to not fit the “cheerleading prototype.” I don’t see how anyone thought this article was worth posting.

Thunder’s new alternate uniforms leaked? (Picture)

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s alternate uniforms for the 2012-2013 season seem to have been leaked by the NBA 2K13 video game.

Steve Noah, who owns the sports gaming site “Operation Sports,” gave a preview of several alternate NBA uniforms on Tuesday based on images from the video game. He shared pictures of the Nuggets, Spurs, Blazers, Nets, and Thunder alternate jerseys for the 2012-2013 NBA season.

Some of the alternate unis had already been revealed by the teams, but this is the first time we’re seeing the OKC alternates. Let me just say that I’m not a fan.

I don’t care for the number being the centerpiece of the jersey, the team name written vertically down the side, and the two extra stripes. They could also use a third color worked in there.

Oh yeah, and let’s hope if these jerseys make it out of the video game world and into the real world they spell “THUNDER” properly instead of “THUDNER.”

As a friend said to me, the Thunder have the three of the most marketable players in the league, and the worst uniforms in sports. I suppose if you’re going to have one or the other, they have the important part taken care of, but why can’t they at least improve their unis rather than make them worse?

Here’s another look at them:

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Thunder agree to four-year contract extension with Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka and the Oklahoma City Thunder have reached an agreement on a four-year, $40 million contract extension, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski.

Ibaka was scheduled to be a restricted free agent next summer, but instead he’ll likely be with the Thunder for the next few years.

The 22-year-old big man has emerged as one of the league’s top defenders since being drafted by the organization No. 24 overall in 2008. Ibaka led the league with 3.7 blocks per game last season while averaging 9.1 points and 7.5 rebounds. He also has not missed a game in the last two seasons.

The extension means that the Thunder will now have Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Ibaka locked up for the foreseeable future. Durant and Westbrook, the team’s two top players, were already signed through the 2015-2016 season. But the contract puts the future of James Harden in question.

The reigning Sixth Man of the Year will be a restricted free agent after next season and will almost assuredly receive a max contract offer. The defending Western Conference champions already have around $50 million in salary committed for the 2013-2014 season (not including Ibaka’s new salary), so they would have to get creative in order to afford Harden. One option could be releasing center Kendrick Perkins through the amnesty provision after next season. Perkins has three years and $25.4 million remaining on his deal.

Whatever Oklahoma City decides to do, the choice to extend Ibaka shows how much they value his presence on the team.

Photo Credit: Beth Hall-US PRESSWIRE

Lil Wayne says he was ‘treated like s***’ by the Thunder arena staff before Game 1

If an NBA Finals matchup between the Thunder and Heat isn’t intriguing enough for you, there are plenty of side stories to follow. First and foremost, there is always the mystery of whether or not LeBron James can finally get over the hump and win a ring. If basketball isn’t your thing, you can keep an eye on the ridiculous situation between Lil Wayne and the Thunder that just never seems to go away.

After allegedly being denied a courtside seat in Oklahoma City during the Western Conference Finals, Weezy was able to purchase one for Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night. However, he is once again unhappy with the people of Oklahoma City — this time the arena staff who must have frisked him at the door or something.

Wayne was rooting for the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals after the nonsense that took place before Game 3 last series. Oklahoma City won four in a row after that, so Thunder fans should be happy the rapper is rooting for Miami.  The ironic part is Lil Wayne also had a problem with LeBron and Dwyane Wade last year when he was offended that they didn’t acknowledge him when he attended Heat games. The beef was later squashed, but the point is Lil Wayne desperately needs special treatment. Maybe it’s time for him to give up on the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Photo credit: Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE

Washington 1 of 2 states that don’t want the Thunder to win the NBA Finals (Photo)

If I told you only two states (according to a totally scientific ESPN.com poll) wanted the Miami Heat to win the NBA Finals, do you think you could guess them correctly? Obviously, Florida would be one of your answers. But what about the other?

Oh right, it would be Washington. You know, the state the Thunder used to play in as the Seattle Sonics before they were mercilessly ripped away and relocated to Oklahoma. I guess Washingtonians are still bitter over that whole debacle. Huh.

If nothing else, we now have proof that the whole country doesn’t hate the Heat.

Photo via Darren Rovell on WhoSay

Kevin Durant and the Thunder went gambling until 5 a.m. after blowout loss

After getting smacked by the Clippers on Monday, the Thunder decided to blow some steam at a casino until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Kevin Durant Instagrammed the pictured photo with the message “Leaving the casino, it’s 5am..won a few dollars, made me feel good about tonight’s shellacking.”

It’s not clear what casino the Thunder played at, but according to one message board post on Covers.com Tuesday, they were playing the card game War. The poster said Durant made the max bet at least twice at the table, but didn’t reveal how much the players finished with. He/she did throw in that Russell Westbrook, evidently still sour from his nine-point performance Monday, was “a d*ck,” along with most of his teammates. Here’s the post in full, via The Basketball Jones:

Was at the casino playing blackjack when I noticed [Kevin Durant] an some other black dude standing behind me. The dealer pointed him out to me and  was holy f— its Kevin Durant. I casually went up to him shook his hand and told him how big of a legend he is (basically gave hime a b— job). Then took a photo with him and chatted some more. They decided to play this game war I’ve never tried and I followed them to the table. Sitting next to Kevin Durant and bull s—-ing about the NBA and giving fist bumps after big wins was wells worth the 600 I dropped playing that crappy game. I think my avg card dealt to me was a 5. Russel Westbrook was a d-ck. Wouldn’t even take a photo was still steaming about how  much he sucked last night.

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Metta World Peace Says the Thunder are the Team to Beat in the West

Regardless of the results from last season, many of us have a tendency to always include the Lakers in the discussion of teams to beat in the West.  This particular Lakers team has been to three NBA Finals and won two championships in the last four years.  However, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the 2011-2012 edition.  They have a new coach, lost one of their best role players in Lamar Odom, and have a seemingly disgruntled Kobe Bryant to deal with.  Pau Gasol is not getting any younger and Andrew Bynum’s health is always a concern.  Perhaps it is reasons like those that inspired Ron Artest Metta World Peace to call the Thunder the team to beat in the West.

“I think probably Oklahoma’s going to be pretty tough,” Artest World Peace said during an interview with 590 The Fan in Toronto. “I think they’re young and they’ve been there before. They have some good, smart players. I think Oklahoma City did a great job of putting together young, good, smart players. They’ve got to have one of the best general managers around.”

The Thunder should certainly be a force to be reckoned with, but the fact that Artest World Peace didn’t take that opportunity to call the Lakers the team to beat either means he knows they have work to do or he is trying to be modest.  Either that, or he was too busy thinking about his teeth to give the question any thought.

While we’re on the subject, the Lakers may also want to keep an eye on the other team from Los Angeles.  I heard they added a couple of new players and look pretty good.