Prince Fielder Body Issue Photoshops are even better than the cover photo

Prince Fielder Price is Right

The real reason ESPN asked Prince Fielder to pose for their Body Issue and put him on the cover is because they knew the results would launch a thousand memes. There is no doubt that was the motivation.

And just as you would have hoped, the internet came through for us.

A Photoshop battle broke out on Reddit, giving us all these great pictures of Prince in his naked pose.

First, let’s get the junk food memes out of the way since those were so easy:

Here’s Prince hailing a cab:

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Prince Fielder admits he has some ‘terrible’ tattoos


Prince Fielder’s shoot with ESPN the Magazine for the Body Issue revealed a lot of what we expected and some of what we didn’t. No, it’s not just baggy clothing — Prince really is a very large man. He also has a variety of tattoos on his torso, some of which he is not very fond of.

“The big tribal one … yeah, that was a mistake,” Fielder admitted. “I wanted tribal, but not like that. The guy I had do it tried to fix it and make it a little better, but the first guy who did it is terrible. I hope he hears this — he’s terrible.”

Fielder also has a strange tattoo on the inside of his right arm, but he has a better excuse for that. Apparently it was a stick figure that his son drew of himself and wanted his dad to turn into a tattoo.


When it comes to tattoos, we have seen much, much worse.

Prince Fielder Body Issue picture you’ve all been waiting for

From the moment the news surfaced that Prince Fielder would be appearing in the 2014 edition of ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue, we know how desperate you all were to see the results. The wait is finally over.

On Tuesday, ESPN released a behind-the-scenes video of Fielder’s shoot for the Body Issue. Darren Rovell also shared one of the photos. Prince naked is pretty much exactly what you would expect, so now is your chance to look away if that’s not something you wanted seared in your memory.


Prince took some time to chat about his diet with ESPN.

“I don’t like to eat too bad but I just like to eat good food,” he said. “I don’t necessarily like sweets. I just like good food. I guess I’d like to have a 12-pack — that’d be cool.”

Say what you will about Fielder, but he is obviously comfortable in his own skin. He has also made millions of dollars playing a game he loves and was one of the most durable players in baseball prior to his neck injury this season. I think he’s doing just fine.

Prince Fielder to pose for Body Issue

Prince-FielderTexas Rangers slugger Prince Fielder is set to appear in the 2014 edition of ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue. Yes, that means he will have no clothes on.

Fielder is part of a star-studded lineup that includes Marshawn Lynch, Michael Phelps, Venus Williams, Larry Fitzgerald and Serge Ibaka. It’s probably safe to assume he is the heaviest of the crew, but ESPN the Magazine’s editor in chief Chad Millman reminds readers that the issue is an “annual celebration of the athletic form.”

Say what you will about Prince and his body type, but he is a professional baseball player who makes millions of dollars for a reason. As Big League Stew noted, Fielder appeared in 547 consecutive games before suffering a neck injury that will keep him out for the entire 2014 season. He has been durable despite his hefty build.

The Body Issue has featured everyone from an 8-months-pregnant Kerri Walsh Jennings to a 77-year-old Gary Player. Fielder will fit in just fine.

Prince Fielder to have neck surgery, could miss rest of season

Prince-FielderThe Texas Rangers announced on Thursday that Prince Fielder will undergo neck surgery to repair a herniated disk. General manager Jon Daniels said Fielder is scheduled to receive a second opinion, but the expectation is that he will need a cervical fusion procedure.

Assuming Fielder does go through with the surgery, he is all but certain to miss the remainder of the season. The recovery period for his particular injury is usually somewhere in the range of three to four months.

It goes without saying that this is rough news for the Rangers, who traded for Fielder this offseason in hopes that he would solidify the middle of their lineup. Fielder last played on May 16. He was hitting .247 with just three home runs and 16 RBI.

Prince Fielder bobblehead has ‘Arlington’ misspelled


The person who was in charge of creating the Prince Fielder bobbleheads that were handed out to Texas Rangers fans over the weekend must have been so concerned with how Fielder looked that he or she lost sight of other important details. For those of you who haven’t spotted the mistake, it’s not “Arilngton,” it’s Arlington.

Fielder is the Rangers’ biggest (no pun intended) offseason acquisition, so you can understand the focus being on representing their new slugger well and making him seem way skinnier than he actually is. That said, the Medical Center of Arlington must have put up big money to sponsor the giveaway. They probably would have rather seen fat Prince and correct spelling.

Photo: Twitter/Nick Pants
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Adrian Beltre thinks Prince Fielder will win AL MVP

Prince Fielder Rangers

Trading for Prince Fielder was one of the notable additions the Texas Rangers made this offseason, and Adrian Beltre thinks the acquisition will pay off in a big way.

The Rangers third baseman said at a team awards banquet Friday that he believes Fielder will win AL MVP this season, ESPN Dallas’ Richard Durrett reports.

Fielder has finished in the top five in MVP voting three times, including two third-place finishes while with the Milwaukee Brewers. Fielder had a down season by his standards last year in Detroit, which is part of the reason the Tigers sent him to Texas in exchange for Ian Kinsler. Prince’s 25 home runs, .362 on-base percentage and 75 walks were his lowest marks since his first full season in the bigs back in 2006.

But if you thought Prince was part of a stacked lineup the last two seasons with the Tigers — and he was — the Rangers will likely match it.

Texas has Beltre, Elvis Andrus, and free agent Shin-Soo Choo set to join Prince as the team’s 1-4 hitters. Alex Rios is another strong hitter, Mitch Moreland has pop as a utility man, and Jurickson Profar has a world of talent. Having a change of scenery and playing in a friendlier ballpark for left-handed hitters, I’m expecting a big season from Prince. Will it be enough for him to win AL MVP? Maybe not, but he’ll be in the mix.