NFL was sent Ray Rice tape in April and employee watched it

Roger Goodell

The NFL has been caught lying by a law enforcement source, and the latest development will likely be enough to cost Commissioner Roger Goodell his job.

The Associated Press confirmed that a law enforcement source sent video of Ray Rice punching his wife inside an elevator to the NFL in April. This conflicts with the league’s insistence that the video was not made available to them and that nobody in the league office had seen it.

The AP says the source sent the league the video because he wanted them to have it before deciding on Ray Rice’s punishment. The AP reports the source played them a 12-second voicemail indicating a female at the league’s office received the video and watched it.

“You’re right. It’s terrible,” the female voice says in the voicemail, according to the AP.

In an interview with CBS News, Goodell said they asked law enforcement for the video but never received it.

“We assumed that there was a video. We asked for video. But we were never granted that opportunity,” Goodell said.

Goodell also insisted that to his knowledge, nobody in the league office had seen the video. He obviously was wrong.

Here is the NFL’s response to the report.

“We have no knowledge of this. We are not aware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw the video before it was made public on Monday. We will look into it.”

We have been saying all along that the NFL was lying about whether they had seen the video. We told you there was mounting evidence pointing to an NFL cover-up. We told you Roger Goodell was lying in his interview with CBS News. We were right.

Let this be another lesson that the cover-up is always worse than the crime.

Legends Football League invites Ray Rice to ‘get his ass handed to him’

carmen-bourseauWith Ray Rice suspended indefinitely by the NFL, it’s highly unlikely we will see him suiting up for another team in the league anytime soon. The chances of Rice in the Legends Football League (formerly Lingerie Football League) is even smaller, but that didn’t stop the ladies from sending a message to the former Ravens running back.

Los Angeles Temptation running back Carmen Bourseau threw down the gauntlet and challenged Rice to play one down so he can get his ass handed to him by one of their female athletes. She then closed by calling Rice a “f***ing coward.”

From a league full of women, it’s hardly surprising to see them take such a stance on Rice’s situation, even if publicity is also a factor. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few women around the country who feel the same as Carmen and the Legends Football League.

Roger Goodell: Ray Rice lied about what happened in elevator

Ray Rice apologyRay Rice and his representatives lied about what happened between him and his now-wife Janay Palmer inside a casino elevator over the winter, according to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. While Goodell would not specify what exactly Rice claimed took place, he said his description was not consistent with what was seen on the disturbing tape that was released Monday.

In an interview with Christine Brennan of USA Today Sports, Goodell described the details Rice provided as “ambiguous.”

“There was no ambiguity when you saw that tape (Monday),” he said. “It was sickening. It was appalling. It was clear that it was not consistent with what they presented to us in the hearing and we needed to take the right step which is to indefinitely suspend him.”

[WATCHRay Rice punches wife Janay Palmer, knocks her out]

Assuming the NFL truly didn’t see the footage, and New Jersey state attorney general spokesman Paul Loriquet did say Tuesday that it would have been “improper” and “illegal” to show the tape to a private entity like the NFL, the big question is what the league actually thought happened that resulted in Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of an elevator. Goodell continues to dance around that question.

“What they indicated happened was that it was ambiguous and there was another side to it,” he told Brennan. “I don’t think there is when I see the video. It was an ambiguous description of what happened in the elevator and I don’t think that’s ambiguous at all.”

According to a previous report, Rice told his Baltimore Ravens teammates that he was defending himself from Palmer. We’re guessing he told the NFL the same thing. Did the NFL do all it could to verify the information Rice gave them? Of course not. If TMZ can track down the video, Goodell and company certainly could have.

We know Goodell has been lying left and right since the you-know-what hit the fan. LB has already highlighted some of the lies the commissioner told during his interview with CBS. But why won’t he just say what Rice told the league? My guess is the story Rice gave is in no way believable. If Goodell gives up those details, the league will be scrutinized for buying it. That’s why he’s being so vague.

Wife beater Floyd Mayweather wanted light punishment for Ray Rice

Floyd Mayweather honey coffeeRay Rice has found very little support over the past few days in the wake of the video that was released showing him punching his now-wife Janay Palmer and knocking her unconscious. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the few people who decided to show sympathy for the former Baltimore Ravens running back.

On Tuesday, Mayweather said he believes the NFL should have stuck to its original decision to suspend Rice for two games.

“They had said that they had suspended him for two games,” Mayweather said, via MLive.com’s David Mayo. “Whether they saw the tape or not, I truly believe a person should stick to their word. If you tell me you’re going to do something, do what you say you’re going to do. But once again, I’m not in the NFL, so I can’t really speak on the situation.”

He’s not the first person to make that argument, as some feel the NFL has shown a great deal of hypocrisy by knowing what was on the tape and acting outraged now that the public has seen the footage. The next point Mayweather made was pathetic.

“I think there’s a lot worse things that go on in other people’s households, also,” he said. “It’s just not caught on video.”

In other words, Rice’s punishment should have been lighter because it’s not his fault he just happened to be caught on video. Plenty of people get away with it, so Rice was just plain unlucky, right?

Mayweather also wishes “nothing but the best” for Rice and his wife and expressed sympathy over what Rice has to go through. Floyd said he would be crushed if someone told him he couldn’t box, so he understands how Rice must be feeling.

You know what the other reason is that Mayweather can relate to Rice? The boxing champ has been convicted of domestic assault twice and had to spend more than two months in jail for it back in 2012. His ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson also recently accused Mayweather of threatening her with a gun and assaulting her multiple times. It’s no surprise he understands where Rice is coming from.

How many lies did Roger Goodell tell in his CBS interview? (Video)

Roger GoodellRoger Goodell on Tuesday gave his first interview concerning the league’s handling of the Ray Rice penalty since TMZ dropped video on the world of the former Ravens running back knocking out his now-wife Janay Rice inside an elevator in an Atlantic City hotel.

Before we get into all the lies Goodell likely told during the interview, I have a few thoughts. First, I have few doubts that the NFL told CBS to have a woman interview the commissioner for PR purposes. For the league, it is imperative to give the impression that they care about women at a time when it appears they don’t take domestic violence seriously enough. That’s probably why CBS morning show host Norah O’Donnell drew the interview assignment. Secondly, I think the NFL chose to give CBS the interview as a thank you for spending $275 million to air seven Thursday Night Football games this season. They have four TV partners — why pick CBS? That’s my guess.

OK, now let’s dissect this thing question by question. Transcription via CBS News.

O’Donnell: When did you first learn about this second tape?

Goodell: Yesterday morning. I got into the office and our staff had come in and said, “There’s new evidence, there’s a video that you need to see.” And we watched it then.

LBS: Bullshoes. Goodell is commissioner of the NFL and doesn’t have a smartphone? Nobody sent him an email link and said, “uhh, Rog, you might want to take a look at this” before he got to the office? Please. And you’re really expecting me to believe someone said to him so formally, “There’s new evidence”? Not buying it.

O’Donnell: Did you know that a second tape existed?

Goodell: Well, we had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. We assumed that there was a video. We asked for video. But we were never granted that opportunity.

LBS: Bullshoes. They assumed there was a video? They knew good and well it existed. And look at how passive of an excuse he offered: we were never “granted” an opportunity to see the video. You’re the freaking NFL. If Roger Goodell wants freshly-squeezed orange juice made from real navel oranges from Chile, they’ll fly some lackeys down to South America, pluck those goods straight from the tree and have em on Rog’s desk by 6:00 a.m., pronto. Don’t give me that “never granted” the opportunity nonsense.

O’Donnell: So did anyone in the NFL see this second videotape before Monday?

Goodell: No.

O’Donnell: No one in the NFL?

Goodell: No one in the NFL to my knowledge, and I asked that same question. The answer to that is “no.”

LBS: Multiple reporters have said the NFL saw the video. Even TMZ, citing a casino worker, originally reported that some people from the NFL had seen the video. I suppose the “to my knowledge” part covers Goodell in that regard, but the anger of Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen makes it seem clear that the league is lying.

O’Donnell: How is it that the NFL didn’t get their hands on the second tape but a website called TMZ could?

Goodell: Well, I don’t know how TMZ or any other website gets their information. We are particularly reliant on law enforcement. That’s the most reliable. It’s the most credible. And we don’t seek to get that information from sources that are not credible.

LBS: LOL. The NFL would use a homeless bum ODing on a combination of crack and bath salts as a source if it helped further their cause. Heck, the Browns owner practically admitted he did.

O’Donnell: The question becomes did the NFL drop the ball? Or was the NFL willfully ignorant about what was on this tape?

Goodell: Well, we certainly didn’t know what was on the tape. But we have been very open and honest. And I have also — from two weeks ago when I acknowledged it, we didn’t get this right. That’s my responsibility. And I’m accountable for that.

LBS: It’s hard to believe that months ago, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen knew what was on the tape but the NFL didn’t. And if you believe that they didn’t, it just shows how misguided Goodell was to rely on an interview with Janay Palmer — with her abuser Ray Rice in the same room — as the reason for going lenient on him.

O’Donnell: But what changed? I mean, on the first tape she was lying unconscious on the ground, being dragged out. Did you really need to see a videotape of Ray Rice punching her in the face to make this decision?

Goodell: No. We certainly didn’t and that — and I will tell you that what we saw on the first videotape was troubling to us in and of itself. But what we saw yesterday was extremely clear, it was extremely graphic and it was sickening. And that’s why we took the action yesterday.

LBS: What changed is that the PUBLIC saw the video. The public was outraged over it and that’s why the NFL felt they had to act.

O’Donnell: What does that mean that he was suspended indefinitely? Does that mean Ray Rice will never play in the NFL again?

Goodell: I don’t rule that out. But he would have to make sure that we are fully confident that he is addressing this issue clearly, (that) he has paid the price for the actions that he’s already taken.

LBS: Finally, Goodell gives us a piece of honesty and truth. We all know Rice will be back eventually. Heck, Richie Incognito was the most hated football player in America last year, and last month the Bucs talked to him because they were desperate for help on their o-line. Just wait til this blows over and a team needs RB help. Rice will be back eventually.

Ray Rice removed from Madden, dropped by Nike

Ray Rice RavensThe world as Ray Rice once knew it is crumbling. Over the past 24 hours, Rice has been released by the Baltimore Ravens, suspended indefinitely by the NFL, and seen a number of companies cut ties with him. On Tuesday, EA Sports announced that Rice will be removed from Madden NFL 15 later this week. His endorsement deal with Nike has also been terminated.

Remember, we all knew Rice was guilty of domestic violence before TMZ released footage of him knocking his wife unconscious on Monday. Apparently the Ravens, NFL, Nike, EA Sports and several others were willing to continue their relationship with Rice until they saw — or the public saw — him actually throwing a punch.

In addition to the aforementioned business moves, the Ravens have also announced that they will offer an exchange for Rice jerseys at their stadium Pro Shops. The New England Patriots did the same thing after Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder. Dick’s Sporting Goods store in the Baltimore area have also been asked to clear Rice jerseys from their shelves.

Again, a video has suddenly changed everything. How did all of these people think Palmer ended up unconscious with Rice dragging her out of an elevator when the original video was released? I guess seeing really is believing.

Chris Berman, Trent Dilfer praise NFL’s handling of Ray Rice (Video)

Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer knew they would have to address the Ray Rice situation at some point while announcing the San Diego Chargers-Arizona Cardinals game on Monday night, and they still did a horrible job of preparing. Their biggest mistake was praising the NFL’s handling of the situation.

You can watch the video of the cringe-worthy discussion the two broadcasters had over at Deadspin. First, Dilfer began by talking about some football team he coaches and how the NFL did a great job sending a message to high school kids by suspending Rice indefinitely.

“The NFL sent a strong message,” Dilfer said. “It’s more than being a great football player, you’ve got to win off the field as well.”

Berman agreed. He also thinks Roger Goodell and company sent a powerful and admirable message.

“I think the NFL, which prides itself on being leaders — it’s even larger than just football,” Berman said. “As you suggest, youth football — the NFL has an obligation, in my mind, to help those who need help right now. We could make a list of what that means, but this is something that (you) take a leadership role in society. There are those who need help right now. Get involved. The message is clear to anybody playing football.”

Just as Berman was about to finish his thought, it was almost as if divine intervention took over and stopped him from spewing anymore nonsense.

What the hell were these two talking about? The way they were talking, you would swear the whole two-game suspension thing never happened. Their praise would have made sense if the NFL didn’t cover up the video and brought the hammer down on Rice in the first place. Berman and Dilfer should be embarrassed.


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