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Friday, October 24, 2014

Articles tagged: Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook wipes out trying to block shots after whistle (Video)

Russell Westbrook should probably refrain from trying to block shots after the whistle — at least until next season. With the playoffs coming up, the last thing the Oklahoma City Thunder need is for their star point guard to end up on the shelf again. During Sunday’s game against the Indiana Pacers, Westbrook went to…Read More

Russell Westbrook puts happy birthday message to his mother on shoes

Russell Westbrook is returning to the lineup for the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night after missing 27 straight games because of a knee injury. Not only is this a big day for the Thunder and Westbrook, but it’s also a special day for the point guard’s mother, who is celebrating her birthday. Westbrook decided…Read More

Russell Westbrook wears leather overalls, ‘killin it’ beanie

If Russell Westbrook is bringing back overalls, that’s definitely a fashion statement I can get down with. Fully knowing that his Christmas game was going to be on national TV, Russ showed up to Madison Square Garden wearing an outfit he knew would get people talking. He wore leather overalls and a black beanie that…Read More

Russell Westbrook blows a rebound while he’s all by himself (GIF)

Russell Westbrook is one of the best point guards in the NBA. On Tuesday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder star reminded us that even the best make some embarrassing mistakes when he blew an incredibly easy rebound. Westbrook was all by himself during the third quarter of a win over the Denver Nuggets when everyone…Read More

Warriors-Thunder ending featured two crazy shots in final seconds (Video)

The ending between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night was fantastic. Moments after Russell Westbrook hit a deep 3-pointer to give OKC a 115-114 lead with 2.3 seconds left, Andre Iguodala answered with a jumper at the buzzer to give the Warriors a 116-115 win. Iguodala only took six shots…Read More

Russell Westbrook’s latest fashion attempt: zebra shirt

Russell Westbrook does not miss a beat when he knows he’s going to be on national TV. Realizing that ESPN cameras would be capturing him as he entered the arena prior to Wednesday’s Oklahoma City Thunder-Dallas Mavericks game, Westbrook made sure he was wearing a fashionable ensemble. The Thunder guard wore a zebra jumper with…Read More

LeBron James, Russell Westbrook needle Kevin Durant over Redskins

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook needeled Kevin Durant on Monday night over the Washington Redskins’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on national TV. LeBron and Russ are both big Dallas Cowboys fans — LeBron was even at the stadium watching the Cowboys in Sunday Night Football — so they couldn’t resist taking a shot at…Read More

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