Sarah Jones loses defamation lawsuit against Nik Richie


Sarah Jones, the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who had a sexual relationship with an underage student who later became her fiance, lost her defamation lawsuit against Nik Richie and his gossip website TheDirty.com earlier this week. A 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel overturned a verdict from last year that had awarded Jones $338,000.

According to Amber Hunt of The Cincinnati Enquirer, the court ruled that Richie was protected under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, also known as CDA. The statute protects website operators from being held accountable for content posted by third parties. The lawsuit Jones filed had to do with an anonymous user who posted on TheDirty.com that she had sex with half the Bengals team and had contracted sexually transmitted diseases.

Hunt noted that Jones’ case against Richie had been watched closely by First Amendment lawyers and major corporations like Google, eBay, Facebook and Amazon — all of which filed a joint brief in support of Richie. On Monday, Richie posted a photo of the court filing on his Instagram page with the following caption.

“Just incase you are wondering, I saved the internet today. Your freedom continues. Congress enacted 230 c1 to preserve a free internet, and that enactment resolves this case. Bottom line: always fight for what you believe. #Freedom.”

Jones will now look to take the case to Supreme Court.

“It’s disappointing,” her lawyer Chris Roach said. “We were really hoping it would be Nik Richie who would be (taking the case) to the Supreme Court, but we’ll be doing it instead.”

Roach claims that Richie encouraged people to post defamatory content about Jones, making him more than just an innocent bystander.

“(The case is a) green light to do anything that’s technically illegal on the Internet,” Roach said. “It’s letting (Richie) post whatever he wants with immunity.”

As an example, Roach cited a post a few years back where Richie allegedly wrote, “Why are high school teachers freaks in the sack?” and signed his name.

With major companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon backing him, it’s hard to imagine Richie losing in Supreme Court. The case could wind up being incredibly costly for Jones.

Sarah Jones reportedly engaged to former student Cody York

Sarah Jones, the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who had a sexual relationship with her underage student, is reportedly engaged — to the former student. On Thursday, 19-year-old Cody York reportedly made the big announcement.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, York posted a photo on his Facebook page of the couple kissing on a beach with Jones wearing an engagement ring.


York was 17 and a senior in high school at the time he began his sexual relationship with Jones. She avoided jail time last October by pleading guilty and agreeing to never teach again or coach children.

To say that the past two years have been a roller coaster ride for the former Ben-Gal would be an epic understatement. As of last October, Jones said she and York were staying together but had yet to go on their first date. Her mother later said that she stood by the relationship, so it’s probably safe to assume mom is happy about the big news.

In February, Jones was ordered to wear an ankle monitor after she violated her probation by conducting a radio interview.

Do you think the fact that Jones and York are reportedly engaged excuses her for having sex with a minor? Personally, I still think the whole thing is twisted.

Photo credit: Facebook/Cody York

Sarah Jones reportedly has to wear ankle monitor after violating her probation

Sarah JonesSarah Jones, the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who had a sexual relationship with her underage student, has to wear an ankle monitor after violating her probation by doing a radio interview in Ohio, FOX 19 reports.

Jones avoided jail time by pleading guilty to lesser charges in October. She had several conditions for her probation, and she reportedly is not allowed to leave Kentucky for anything other than work or school without permission from her parole officer.

Her officer was made aware that she conducted a radio interview with WLW’s Bill Cunningham in Cincinnati Jan. 29, which violates her probation.

Jones’ attorney, for whom she also works, argues that she conducted the interview for work purposes.

“Sarah Jones’ appearance on WLW was during work hours at my request, I’m her boss, about her libel case against thedirty.com, and it’s work purpose was to refute stories in the aftermath of the verdict. It’s my opinion it was not a probation violation. She was not given a hearing. She accepted the monitor because she can still go where she is allowed.” Deters said in an e-mail to FOX19.

Jones spent most of the interview discussing her lawsuit with TheDirty.com, which ended in a mistrial.

You can listen to her interview on WLW below:

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Sarah Jones’ mother says she will support daughter’s relationship

After a few years of misery, it looks like former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones will be able to move on with her life. Jones escaped serious sex crime charges, and she is now dating her former student, Cody York. The two also now have the support of Jones’ mother.

“Do I like the way their relationship started? No. But I pray about it. If it lasts, I will be supportive. Age matters more now than it would in five or 10 years,” Cheryl Jones told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Cheryl Jones spent her professional career in education and was recently a middle school principle. She pleaded guilty for attempted tampering with evidence for sending a text message to York, encouraging him to get rid of his phone. She retired from her job after she was charged with the crime.

Jones also dispelled the rumor that her daughter would be appearing in a reality TV show.

“She has been contacted by all kinds of people,” Cheryl said. “Dr. Phil was one. He offered money, but we said no. No amount of money would have mattered.”

Well that’s good news. As I said, it wouldn’t have been right for someone who should be in jail to be profiting as a reality TV star.

Sarah Jones reportedly getting reality TV show

The former NFL cheerleader who admitted in court to having sex with a minor reportedly is getting her own reality TV show, though her attorney is denying the report.

Radar Online reports that 495 Productions, which created the popular MTV show “Jersey Shore,” is giving a reality show to ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones. Jones admitted to having sex with her then-underage student while she was a high school teacher. She pleaded guilty to lesser charges on Oct. 8 and avoided jail time as part of a plea deal.

There is no word when the show will begin production or what network will air it. 495 Productions has produced/created “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila,” “Tool Academy,” “Disaster Date,” which appeared on MTV or VH1, as well as “Jersey Shore” and its spinoff shows. A few of their other shows have appeared on Oxygen or A&E.

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Sarah Jones’ ex-husband almost canceled wedding over cheating rumors

Along with recently admitting that she had sex with her former student while he was still a minor, ex-Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones also confessed to cheating on her ex-husband, Nathan Wilburn. Wilburn spoke with Inside Edition on Monday and expressed disgust over the entire situation. He also revealed that he almost called off their wedding when rumors began circulating about Jones and her student.

“Why did she go through with this marriage?” Boyd said while explaining that Jones swore the rumors were untrue. “It’s like she wanted to hurt me. I’m heartbroken to be honest. It would be one thing for her to just plead guilty and get out of there but for her to do this takes it to another level.”

Wilburn was referring to the fact that Jones is now openly dating Cody York and even held hands with him as she left the courtroom following her guilty plea last week. He said he confronted York when he realized Jones was texting the 17-year-old late at night and nearly called off the wedding then.

“He was nervous,” Wilburn said of the phone call he made to York. “He was scared. He even hung up on me at one point and I called him back. He was saying ‘Oh, she’s my teacher, she helps me with my schoolwork, she’s my tutor.’”

Wilburn also said he believes Jones is getting off “scot-free,” and we tend to agree with that. The fact that she doesn’t have to serve a day of jail time after cheating on her husband with a 17-year-old — who happened to be her student — is pretty disturbing. At this point Wilburn should just be happy Jones is no longer his problem.

Sarah Jones says she and her student boyfriend have yet to go on their first date

Former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones managed to avoid jail time earlier this week when she pleaded guilty to having sex with her 17-year-old former student while she was a high school teacher. Now that the trial has ended and the truth is out, Jones sounds like she is ready to begin an actual relationship with the now 18-year-old Cody York.

On Monday, Jones and York were seen holding hands as they left the courtroom following Jones’ guilty plea. In an interview with The Daily on Thursday, Jones spoke about their relationship.

“We still haven’t been on our first date yet,” Jones said while reportedly giggling.

The former Ben-Gal also said her parents are against her seeing York.

“My parents are against it,” Jones said. “But my parents are against everything at the moment.”

I can’t imagine why. Jones was married at the time she began her sexual relationship with York — who was a minor — and she got off without having to serve jail time or register as a sex offender. What she did was highly illegal, yet all she has to do to make it all go away is stay out of trouble for five years. It’s no wonder she’s giggling.

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