Ryan Clark wearing No. 21 in practice in honor of Sean Taylor


Ryan Clark signed on for his second stint with the Washington Redskins earlier this offseason. The veteran previously played for the Redskins in 2004 and 2005, when he was teammates with the late Sean Taylor. As a tribute to Taylor, Clark has been wearing a No. 21 jersey during practice. He’ll continue to wear it during organized team activities.

“Extremely honored and blessed to get another opportunity to rep for a friend!” Clark wrote on Instagram. “Miss ya bro! R.I.P S. Dot!”

Back in April, Clark asked Taylor’s former fiancee if she would be OK with him wearing Taylor’s No. 21 during the spring and summer. She gave Clark her blessing, and he later explained his decision on “The Lavar and Dukes Show.”

“Every time somebody asks me why I wear a different number to practice, I get to tell Sean’s story,” Clark said, via Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog. “I get to tell people about the guy I love. I get to tell people about the guy who was possibly on his way to being the greatest safety to ever play the game. And that got cut short. He never got to realize his full potential. But it gives me the opportunity to remind people of him.”

Taylor was shot and killed during a home invasion at age 24. The Redskins do not retire jersey numbers, but his has not been worn with the team since his death.

Sean Taylor Doubters Proved Wrong?

Sean Taylor Arrests

Four arrests were made in the Sean Taylor murder case Friday. That is a good thing, especially compared to the Darrent Williams case which is 11 months old and still unsolved in Denver. The police say they have at least one confession from the suspects, and potentially more to come. New information has come out, including the fact that two of the arrested men had ties to Taylor — one did household chores at the house, and the other had a relative dating Taylor’s sister. I still have a few issues here.

One of the main points the police department is making is that the suspects were strictly looking to rob Taylor, unaware Sean was even in the home. This is important because it separates the degree of murder for which they will be tried. Secondly, the police are still trying to figure out whether or not this incident was related to the break-in the previous week at Taylor’s home. It’s quite obvious that the suspects wouldn’t admit to either of the charges and make themselves look worse (no matter how dumb they are).

So if the information that was revealed late on Friday holds true, does that mean the people who blamed the death on Taylor’s sketchy past are wrong? It sure looks that way, though I won’t jump to any conclusions. Also, the four men are relatively young and do not have extensive, nor serious crimes on their records.  Connecting those dots, it seems quite possible that they were just there for money. I’m still left wondering though, who the heck left that knife behind?  How are the two not related?