Mark Cuban has some suggestions for improving NBA Slam Dunk Contest

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest is not exactly getting better as the years go on. Despite the efforts of some of their fellow players, superstars rarely ever feel inclined to participate in the event anymore. Since convincing high-profile players to partake clearly isn’t working, Mark Cuban has some other ideas.

“Star power helps,” Cuban told the Dallas Morning News. “But I think you can add some technology to it. You add a height meter, a distance meter, just simple things, where it makes it more entertaining on TV.

“Because the tech(nology) is there to measure it in real time. And then you include that in the score. So more guys are going to try to jump from the free-throw line. More guys are going to try to get up. That will add to the excitement. ‘Who can jump the highest? Who can jump the furthest?’ And it will all be there in real time, so you can’t back away from it.”

I like it. We wrote a few years back that it is crucial for more superstars to start competing in the Dunk Contest for it to be enjoyable  but that clearly isn’t going to happen. There were a few exciting dunks over the weekend in Houston, but there were also too many misses that made the competition feel like it was dragging out. Measuring how high and far participants are jumping would certainly add a new element to the contest.

“Look, you’ve got to remember who’s there and who’s watching it,” Cuban continued. “Kids, kids, kids, kids. Not you guys (media). When you go to the All-Star game, it’s everybody taking their kids. When you go Saturday night, Friday night, it’s everybody taking their kids. They’re not nearly as critical when they go, ‘Ooh. Daddy, can we have some more popcorn? Aah. Can we get a T-shirt? That’s their level of criticism.”

Players seem to be running out of ideas and ways to be creative. Using technology like Cuban is talking about could only help.

Once again, the Cubes comes up with a good business idea.

Best dunks from the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest (Video)

Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors won the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday during NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston. Ross beat defending champion Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz in the finals of the contest, allegedly receiving 58 percent of the fan vote. Though the contest was full of missed dunks — several contestants were unable to complete their attempted dunks — there were still many highlights.

The video above includes 11 dunks from the competition:

– Gerald Green’s reverse dunk from a pass off the side of the backboard
– Terrence Ross twirling the ball behind his back in the air before dunking
– Kenneth Faried’s 360 after passing to himself off the backboard
– Eric Bledsoe’s 180 dunk
– Gerald Green’s disaster dunk after cutting off the net
– Ross doing a 180 after passing to himself
– Jeremy Evans doing a 180 and dunking two balls
– Bledsoe’s reverse dunk after passing to himself
– Faried going through his legs mid-air after passing off the backboard
– Evans dunking over a painting of himself dunking
– Ross taking a pass and dunking hard while wearing a Vince Carter’s Raptors number

That video compilation missed a few of the other best dunks from the contest.

James “Flight” White of the New York Knicks brought out a flight crew as a prop and then dunked from a step inside the free throw line:

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Nick Cannon handed results of Dunk Contest before fan vote ended? (Picture)

Nick Cannon dunk contest

The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest during NBA All-Star Weekend is said to be determined by a fan vote, but the sequence of events following the competition indicated that might not be the case.

Fans were given 60 seconds to text, tweet, or log onto NBA.com to cast a vote in favor of finalists Jeremy Evans or Terrence Ross. What’s strange is that event host/MC Nick Cannon was handed an envelope believed to contain the results of the fan vote with about 10 seconds left in the fan vote.

Take a look at the time left in the fan vote when Cannon is handed an envelope:

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Jeremy Evans dunked over a painting of himself dunking (Video)

Jeremy Evans dunk painting

Jeremy Evans got creative with his first dunk of the championship round of the Slam Dunk Contest Saturday in Houston.

The reigning Dunk Contest champion went completely meta; he dunked over a picture of himself doing the dunk he had just done. As if that sort of creativity wasn’t already enough — he had put himself on a poster, or painting if you will — he then autographed the work of art. Evans revealed after the contest that he spent a week and a half painting the painting. It will probably sell for thousands in some charity auction.

Here’s video of the dunk:

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James White brings in flight crew for dunk (Video)

James White brought out some of the best props we have seen for a dunk contest.

The New York Knicks swingman, nicknamed “Flight” because of his incredible leaping abilities, brought out an entire flight crew as props for his first dunk attempt Saturday in Houston. White lined the attendants up in two rows and ran through the group of attendants on his way to dunking from a step inside the line.

Though he missed his first attempt, White nailed the second attempt. He only was rewarded with a score of 45, which seemed low for a dunk of such difficulty. It seemed like the judges penalized him for missing his first attempt.

For those wondering how close to the line he was, this should give you a good idea:

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Paul George: Dunk Contest was a ‘joke’

For the sake of this post, we’re going to ask you to recall Saturday’s disappointing Slam Dunk Contest, as much as we know it might pain you. In case you already expunged the event from your memory, the format of this year’s contest received a makeover with the elimination of judges for the first time and full incorporation of fans’ votes to determine the results. But one competitor in the Saturday’s showing, Pacers guard Paul George, came out Monday deriding the new format.

“(Not to) take nothing away from the dunk contest, (but) it was a joke,” George said, according to the Indianapolis Star. “I guess whoever had the biggest celebrity involved in their dunk was going to be the winner. I guess I should have tried to reach out to some people.”

Jazz forward Jeremy Evans was the winner of the event. For one of his dunks, Evans donned a Karl Malone jersey and dunked over comedian Kevin Hart, who was dressed as a mailman.

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Video: Every dunk from the 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Those of you who took in the 2012 NBA Dunk Contest on Saturday were treated to a couple of decent dunks despite the lack of big names. Jeremy Evans, who entered the competition as a injury replacement, won after stealing the show by dunking two balls at once and leaping over teammate Gordon Hayward. He then jumped over comedian Kevin Hart in the finals for a mailman dunk.

With the exception of Evans, the Dunk Contest was once again more about the props and less about the dunks. The problem is nobody wants to participate. Kevin Durant tweeted over the weekend that it’s time for some of the sport’s big names like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Derrick Rose to take part, and that’s an opinion that is shared by plenty of people. Overall there was very little buzz surrounding the event, which seems to have become an annual theme.