Red Sox shotgun beers to celebrate trip to World Series (Video)

After a three-year playoff drought — and last-place finish in the AL East last season — the Boston Red Sox are back in the World Series. The Sox defeated the Detroit Tigers in six games in the ALCS, taking huge grand slams from David Ortiz and Shane Victorino, as well as a big solo home run from Mike Napoli in Game 3 to send them back to the Fall Classic.

The Sox celebrated their trip to the World Series by shotgunning a bunch of beers inside their clubhouse at Fenway Park. Luckily for us, the team shared the video on Vine. All that was missing was a few pieces of fried chicken.

Below is a video of David Ortiz spraying champagne all over the place:

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Miami Heat party at Club LIV after winning NBA title (Pictures)

A year ago the Dallas Mavericks partied at Club LIV at the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami Beach after beating the Heat in the NBA Finals. This time around, the Heat got to celebrate a championship on their home turf.

Several Heat players strolled into the club around 3:00 am ET to a big party and celebration. A Heat logo was displayed in the background on the stage, and the players toasted their drinks.

There were some whispers that the club was charging $1,000 for admission, and the team reportedly didn’t take long to rack up a bigger bill than the $110,000 Mark Cuban spent celebrating at the club last year.

Here’s a close-up of LeBron James at the club:

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Boston Bruins Celebrated Stanley Cup with $100,000 Bottle of Ace of Spades

Remember when we told you about the Dallas Mavericks taking the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy to Club LIV in Miami? During that party night at the club, owner Mark Cuban reportedly dropped $110,000 including his $20,000 tip. The biggest expense on the bill was a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne he bought for the team. Well the Boston Bruins took home the Stanley Cup a few days later, and they outdid Mark Cuban’s bottle of champagne.

The Bruins took the Stanley Cup Trophy to club Shrine at Foxwoods Saturday night. During their celebration, they drank from a 30 liter bottle of Ace of Spades “Midas” champagne that was double the size of the bottle Cuban purchased for his team. Zdeno Chara even drank the champagne from the Cup’s Bowl. Here’s another picture of the Bruins drinking the champagne:

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Dallas Mavericks Take Championship Trophy to Club LIV After Winning NBA Title

The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title, and what did they decide to do? They took the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy to Club LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach for a celebration Sunday evening.

Adrian Ruhi says that Mark Cuban rented out the club and pre-purchased 250 hundred of bottles of champagne prior to Game 6, and that he probably rented out the club for Sunday and Tuesday night in case the series went seven games. He also says Club LIV is one of the most expensive clubs in the world and that its customers are generally celebrities and tourists.

UPDATE: Were Miami Heat players at the club celebrating with the Mavs?

As for the environment inside the club, well, after you’ve won the title you’re allowed to play Queen’s “We are the champions” as the Mavericks did. Check out this video taken by Nigel D via Jose3030

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Major League Baseball Asks Teams to Cut Back on Champagne Celebrations

It’s about time.  I don’t mean to say I wanted MLB teams to cut back on champagne celebrations, but I was starting to wonder when baseball big wigs would start looking at them as a negative reflection on the league.  Looks like that time has come.

Maybe it was brought to light by Josh Hamilton’s ginger ale bath, but according to Hardball Talk MLB sent teams a memo prior to the World Series that provides them with some guidelines for celebrating.  Teams are supposed to “limit” the amount of champagne available for the players to celebrate with — whatever that means — as well as provide an alternative to spraying champagne everywhere, such as non-alcoholic champagne.  There will also be no beer or other types of alcoholic drinks allowed as part of the showers and players can’t bring alcohol onto the field during the celebration.

As much as people are going to hate it, this kind of makes sense.  Telling MLB teams to cut back on the boozing isn’t anywhere near as ridiculous as telling NBA players to turn their headbands right side up.  The showers are a tradition and they definitely make for some memorable moments for the fans, but there’s no arguing it sets a bad example for kids.

We all know how it works: little kids look up to the players and want to be just like them when they grow up.  When they see their idols pounding dozens of Bud Lights every time they clinch a series, you can likely see how that could become a problem.  When they’re dousing little kids in beer to include them in the celebration, you can definitely see how that could become a problem.  But let the backlash begin…

Rangers Celebrate With Ginger Ale So Josh Hamilton Can Join the Fun

This has to be one of the more admirable instances of team unity I’ve ever seen in sports.  It may not seem like a big deal to the outsider, but to Josh Hamilton it means a ton.  After another dominating performance by Cliff Lee helped Texas advance to the ALCS, the Rangers celebrated with Ginger Ale in the clubhouse instead of the traditional champagne and beer.

As you probably know, Hamilton has battled drug and alcohol problems and wisely chose not to participate in the AL West-clinching celebration with his teammates because he didn’t want to be around alcohol.  “Everybody yelled ‘Ginger ale!’ and I just jumped in the middle of the pile and they doused me with it,” Hamilton said of the celebration. “It was the coolest thing for my teammates to understand why I can’t be a part of the celebration, and for them to adapt it for me to be a part of it says a lot about my teammates.”

I’m sure the players went out and partied like they normally would after the ginger ale showers, but I thought the gesture was great.  If anyone deserves their own special celebration, it’s your MVP candidate who hit .359 with 32 homers and 100 RBI in the regular season.  On to the Yankees…

Photo: Twitter user the_hereford