DeSean Jackson already thinks Redskins fans are more supportive than Eagles fans

DeSean-JacksonDeSean Jackson has been with the Washington Redskins for a little less than four months, and he already feels like he has an understanding of what the fans are like. During an interview with Chick Hernandez of CSN Washington on Monday, Jackson was quick to point out that Redskins fans are more supportive than Philadelphia Eagles fans.

“It is different,” he said, as transcribed by Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog. “You know, they’re very supportive here. They’re open. Being out on the field, I’ve been hearing certain things, but they’re good things. In Philly, sometimes things could have gotten a little negative. They booed their own players. But here, you don’t really get that. They’re supporting you, they’re out here.”

Jackson might want to wait until the season actually begins before he passes judgment. As Steinberg noted, Redskins fans booed their team plenty last season. Many of them even booed when Washington went into halftime of the season opener trailing 26-7 against the — wait for it — Eagles. Jackson must have been too busy winning to hear them.

To me, it sounds like Jackson is trying to butter up his new fanbase.

“I mean, just as many people as [were] here in the morning practice come to our walkthrough practices, so that shows you something,” he added. “To not really have a practice and people are still sitting here through a walkthrough, they really are big fans and they support us. Every time we come out here, guys are screaming things at me. And that’s just a great fan base to really have.”

Oh yes, Redskins fans certainly are diehard. But so are Eagles fans, and neither group will hesitate to boo its team if the product on the field stinks. Jackson can only hope he only experiences the booing in one city.

Redskins fan falls down stairs, pushed by security guard (Video)

Redskins fanA fan at the Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys game was tossed down the stairs in the upper deck at FedEx Field on Sunday, a Vine video shows.

Details surrounding the incident are unclear, but the video shows a fan wearing a “Dallas sucks” shirt being pushed by a security guard and then either falling because he was pushed, falling because he was drunk, or falling to exaggerate. Whatever the reason, some of the people in the section were immediately outraged over what happened.

This tweet from the Vine video uploader indicates the fan was being removed for cussing or something:

So what do you think? Was the fan acting or really thrown down the stairs by the guard?

H/T Deadspin

FedEx Field nearly empty for second half of Redskins-Chiefs game

FedEx Field empty

The Washington Redskins were blown out 38-10 in the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and fans weren’t about to stick around in that terrible weather with Washington playing so poorly.

Washington allowed two passing touchdowns, a rushing touchdown, and two special teams touchdowns and once trailed 31-0 in the first half.

By the second half, very few fans remained in the stadium.

RedEx Field fans

Who can blame them? I wouldn’t want to stick around for that s— show.

H/T DC Sports Bog

LeSean McCoy steals a fan’s Redskins flag (GIF)

LeSean-McCoy-Redskins-flagPhiladelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy may have caused people to scratch their heads when he showed up to the stadium wearing an Oakland Raiders vest on Sunday, but he was able to quickly redeem himself. Thanks to McCoy, there was one less Washington Redskins flag in the stands at Lincoln Financial Field.

McCoy went over to the sidelines before the game to high-five some fans when a Washington fan started waving a Redskins flag in his face. LeSean quickly snatched the flag out of the fan’s hand, crumpled it up and stormed away with it.

The former Pittsburgh star had himself a banner day before the game even kicked off. See what I did there?

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GIF via SB Nation

Redskins eats own beard, Texans fan drinks own pee in displays of fandom (Video)

Redskins-fan-eats-own-beardIf you feel like puking today, you’re in luck. We are only one week into the NFL regular season and already fans have begun recording themselves doing incredibly disgusting things to show their allegiance to their team. The gentleman you see above, who was called to our attention by our friends at DC Sports Bog, lost a bet when the Washington Redskins fell to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night. As a result, he had to eat some of his own beard.

“I had to eat some of my own beard cuz the redskins lost yesterday,” Washington fan Jason Pickar wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

That was tough to watch, but it would have been much worse if he had to eat someone else’s beard. Elsewhere in this crazy nation, a Houston Texans fan took it 37 steps further just to prove he is not all talk. When the Texans trailed the San Diego Chargers on Monday night by 21 points, the maniac you see below told the football Gods he would drink his own piss if his team came back. Then Philip Rivers happened. Via Deadspin:

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Newlyweds spend their honeymoon at Washington Redskins training camp

Newlyweds-honeymoon-Redskins-campWhen most people envision their dream honeymoon, thoughts of white sand beaches, turquoise waters and tropical drinks race through their heads. Daniel and Cathie Bohannon, who got married last week, are not most people.

The Bohannons held their wedding in North Carolina, not far from where the Washington Redskins hold their training camp in Richmond. Rather than hopping on a cruise or flying to the Caribbean after they tied the knot, Daniel and Cathie decided to honeymoon with Robert Griffin III and company.

“The stars aligned,” Daniel told WWBT in Richmond. “We got married on the beach and it was kind of our perfect wedding that we wanted to have. The Redskins training camp was gonna be here and it just worked out perfectly for us to be able to come up here.”

Daniel and Cathie have been living in Dallas together for the past seven years, so it’s not as if they’re around their favorite team all the time. That’s why they decided to take advantage of the opportunity, and they have been joined by some friends from home along the way.

“We’ve been going with the Burgundy and Gold Club from Dallas,” Cathie explained. “It’s so fantastic being here with the rest of the Redskins fans.”

Isn’t there some place they would rather be to celebrate their marriage?

“Maybe the beaches of Hawaii,” Daniel said. “But I guess this is the second place I’d want to be — except for maybe the Super Bowl.”

Couples honeymooning at training camp and grown women crying because they couldn’t get an autograph from RG3? The Redskins may just have the most rabid fan base in all of sports.

H/T DC Sports Bog

Grown woman cries hysterically after not getting Robert Griffin’s autograph (Video)

Kimberly-Lewis-RG3-autographThe Washington Redskins kicked off their official training camp this week, and all eyes were on Robert Griffin III. For starters, fans wanted to see how Griffin looks coming off reconstructive knee surgery. As expected, he was also one of the most popular targets for fans who were seeking autographs. One grown woman wanted RG3’s John Hancock worse than any young child in the Washington, DC area.

Kimberly Lewis posted a pathetic video on YouTube Thursday and contacted CBS 6 in Richmond to share what she perceived as an earth-shattering experience at Redskins practice. Like many other anxious fans, she was unable to score RG3’s autograph. As you can see from the dramatic production above, no one handled it worse than Lewis did.

“I’m so heartbroken right now,” she whined while wiping her face. “I can’t believe the Redskins would do this to their fans. I’ve been here since 6:30 this morning. I just wanted an autograph.”

Like our friend Jimmy Traina of SI’s Hot Clicks, we’re praying this video is fake. This has to be a successful attempt at creating a viral video, because there’s no possible way a grown woman could react like that to an autograph snubbing. Even 10-year-olds know the odds of getting a player’s autograph are slim when thousands of fans are vying for the same thing.

If Lewis was simply being a troll, she executed it perfectly. This is probably the funniest video we’ve seen since that dude told everyone to leave Bill Belichick alone.