Willie McGinest: Patriots need to speak to Rob Gronkowski about his behavior

Rob-Gronkowski-shirtlessRob Gronkowski is a one-of-a-kind person and player, and the New England Patriots have had very few like him in the past. For the most part, Bill Belichick expects his team to keep a low profile and stay out of the public spotlight — even during the offseason. Gronk has no interest in doing that, and former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest feels that it is time for the team to speak to him about it.

“This kid’s had a lot of success at an early age,” McGinest said, via Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “He’s probably one of the best tight ends in the league. But he seems to be wired a little different. He did it at the party after they lost (last year’s) Super Bowl to the Giants where it was kind of the same thing.

“Certain people handle things differently. But the pile-driving, that wrestling move could have been dangerous to him … I don’t think he should be out doing wrestling moves. It doesn’t make sense especially if you’re in a cast still healing. He’s a vital part of that offense; they need him. They’re paying him a lot of money. He can’t put himself in certain situations where he can possibly hurt himself. He has to be careful. He has to be smarter than that.”

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Willie McGinest says Wes Welker needs to stop acting like a diva

While some may handle it better than others, no NFL player likes being hit with the franchise tag. They want long-term security, and in many ways we can’t blame them for that. To this point, Wes Welker has not seemed bothered by the Patriots placing the tag on him, which will pay him $9.5 million next season if a long-term deal cannot be reached. On Tuesday, Welker said he is likely to skip New England’s mandatory minicamp because it is the only “leverage” he has in trying to force the team into giving him a long-term extension. Former Patriot Willie McGinest does not agree with Welker’s approach.

“I just don’t like the diva attitude,” McGinest said on the NFL Network Tuesday. “Let’s keep it real. Prior to the Patriots, this is a guy who played three years, had 96 receptions, never had a 1,000-yard season. …

“This $9 million-plus that they’re offering is half of his last contract. That’s a lot of money. Let’s not forget that they signed Brandon Lloyd, they signed (WR Anthony Gonzalez), they signed (WR Deion) Branch back, they got the two tight ends; they have weapons on that offense. So look, Wes, it’s time to take off the leopard-printed cowboy boots, get off the party tour and get back to work.”

Since he created a Twitter account a few months ago, Welker has had some fun by posting pictures of his girlfriend in bed and posing in NBA-themed cowboy boots. Apparently McGinest thinks he needs to get off all that and get focused.

Willie is right in a way. Welker may need the Patriots as much as they need him — in terms of remaining one of the best receivers in the game. However, there are plenty of teams who would pay him a ton of cash based on what he has accomplished with the Patriots, whether they think Tom Brady is the reason or not.