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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Serena Calls Henin ‘Bitch’ in Match

I chronicled Serena’s humility in her post-match press conference Wednesday following her loss to Justine Henin at the US Open. The comments I included didn’t even highlight possibly the most disparaging remarks by Serena — that Henin was lucky. Yes, the same Henin who knocked Serena out of the past three grand slams. Well, the astute Chris Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant fame picked up a clip from the match in which Serena clearly calls Henin a bitch. Check it:

There was a bit of dispute on the comments over at Mr. Irrelevant as to whether or Serena’s remark was directed at Henin since it was made in the heat of battle. Here’s how I break it down. If your head is down and you’re talking to yourself, it’s one thing. But if you’re looking directly at your opponent across the net when you make the comment, it’s a complete other thing. Besides, as Signal to Noise has brought up in past comments, the two have a horrible history dating back to past grand slams. That’s poor form by Serena, truly poor form.

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