Serena Williams Mocks Her Foot Fault Explosion in New Tennis Commercial

Serena Williams is known for her hot temper as much as she is her curvy body. One of her low moments as a pro was her outburst against a U.S. Open official following a foot fault call. That happened in 2009, and it looks like Serena has gotten past it two years later. In fact, she mocked it in a recent ad for the new Wilson BLX tennis racquet. Check it out:

Serena as a sports psychologist? That doesn’t seem to fit her too well — she’s better suited mopping everyone up on the court.

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  • Anonymous

    I would edit out half of this ad but her foot fault comment and acting  was on point !!!!!

  • Gene

    Sad that with all of her great accomplishments, she has to capitalize on one of the very lowest points of her career.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PXSONY3HTWNEY73PJIFF4WD77M WTHwereTheyThinking

    Nice advertisement.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this more than a month ago over here –  http://j.mp/jLcjV1

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