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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Mike Piazza’s wife says Mike thinks Roger Clemens was on steroids during the whole broken bat incident (Video)

Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens do not like each other. That’s about as much of a well-kept baseball secret as Ozzie Guillen’s temper. As far as the courts are concerned, Clemens did not lie about taking steroids. Whether you choose to believe he did or not is totally up to you. As you can see from the TMZ.com video above, Piazza’s wife and former Playmate Alicia Rickter has no problem selling him out and letting the world know his personal opinions.

I don’t think anyone could blame Mike if he did think Clemens was on steroids during the 2000 World Series. A lot of people not named Jose Canseco think Clemens took steroids, and those people didn’t have the other half of their shattered broken bat spiked at them as though they broke it intentionally to try to hurt Roger. Judging by some of the stuff Piazza said while doing his best Peter from “Office Space” impression, you can tell he does not like Clemens. You can also tell he didn’t want to talk about it but his wife (who may or may not have had a couple of cocktails during dinner) forced him into it.

My personal favorite part had to be when Piazza called Clemens a “great pitcher” and his wife’s jaw dropped. I’m guessing somebody doesn’t have nice things to say about The Rocket when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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