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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Umpire Angel Hernandez has rough Game 3 with overturned calls

Angel Hernandez

Umpire Angel Hernandez had a rough Game 3 of the ALDS on Monday night, having four of his calls reviewed by replay and three overturned in fewer than five innings of the game.

In the bottom of the second, Hernandez called Didi Gregorious safe at first base on a bunt attempt. Replay showed he was out, so the call was overturned.

In the bottom of the third, Hernandez called Gleyber Torres out at first base when he was trying to beat out a grounder. Replay showed that Torres got there at the same time as the throw, so the call was overturned.

Then in the bottom of the fourth, Hernandez called Gregorious out at first on an attempted double play even though Didi beat the throw easily. The call was overturned, making Gregorious safe.

In total, Hernandez had three calls overturned through four innings of the game, giving him four calls total overturned in the series.

Hernandez was crushed on Twitter for his series of poor calls.

Angel Hernandez is an umpire we write about the most frequently at LBS, and it’s all because of his history of unbelievably bad calls. He’s notorious for being a bad umpire. It’s a wonder how he a) still has a job umpiring MLB games and b) is part of crews umpiring playoff games.

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