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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Gennady Golovkin skips out on in-ring interview with HBO after loss

Gennady Golovkin GGG

Gennady Golovkin lost his fight against Canelo Alvarez at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night by majority decision, and he was in no mood to stick around for a post-fight interview with HBO afterwards.

HBO, which broadcast the pay-per-view bout, interviewed Alvarez after judges awarded him the win.

“I showed my victory with facts. He was the one who was backing up. I feel satisfied because I gave a great fight. It was a clear victory,” Alvarez said through a translator.

After the interview, HBO cameras showed Golovkin walking into the locker room, noting that the had left the ring. Both fighters typically remain in the ring for the postfight interview as long as their health permits.

Media relations representatives who provided postfight quotes from Alvarez noted that they did not have any quotes from Golovkin at the time because he was getting stitches.

Golovkin has to be dissatisfied with the judging for the second straight fight. Many felt he won the first fight with Alvarez, but that was ruled a draw. The second fight was extremely close by all accounts, with many observers feeling it was either even or could have gone either way by a hair. Based on that thinking, Golovkin got a rough deal by coming away 0-1-1 over the two fights. He probably won’t be too happy to find out that HBO’s commentators seemed biased in favor of Alvarez.

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