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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Report: Conor McGregor in pay dispute with UFC, wants $10 million

Conor McGregor

We finally have a reason that appears to explain Conor McGregor’s shocking and abrupt retirement announcement, and the UFC’s response of pulling him from a fight.

According to Charly Arnolt, McGregor wants around $10 million for his UFC 200 fight with Nate Diaz:

UFC 200 is scheduled to take place on July 9 in Las Vegas.

To recap, mid-day on Tuesday, McGregor surprisingly tweeted that he was retiring from MMA. The news came out of nowhere and nobody knew what to make of it. The UFC later responded by saying they had pulled McGregor from the event.

In a story written on the UFC’s website, the organization said McGregor was pulled for refusing to promote the fight by doing press events and commercial shoots. That made little sense since McGregor seems to be so media-friendly and happy to promote anything for the company.

This report about the pay dispute makes all the sense in the world. McGregor wants more money and will refuse to work in order to get his way. In response, the UFC will make it seem like McGregor is not cooperating. Simply put, this appears to be nothing more than a typical athlete pay dispute.

As one of the biggest faces and draws in the UFC, McGregor certainly is well within his rights to feel he deserves superstar pay. We wonder what the UFC is planning to pay him.

Jon Jones says he was a drug addict

Jon Jones

Jon Jones opened up in a recent interview in which he admitted he was a “drug addict” and said he has overcome his addiction.

Jones spoke with USA Today last month for an interview that was released in full on Tuesday. In the interview, Jones said he was having a “come to Jesus moment” about his drugs admission. The talented MMA fighter said that he has had a marijuana addiction that really began during his senior year in high school and gradually got worse over time.

“I consider that I was a drug addict at one point,” Jones said.

Jones also stressed that he was addicted to marijuana, and that despite contrary belief, marijuana users can be considered addicts if they’re doing it as frequently as he was. He also disputed the notion that he has a cocaine problem, which many thought was the case after he tested positive for coke in Dec. 2014. Jones says the positive cocaine test was more of a timing thing because he just happened to do it that one time.

“I totally was an addict, and not anymore,” says Jones.

The main takeaway here is that at least Jones isn’t living in denial anymore and trying to put forth a clean public image that everyone knows is not representative of reality. The sad part is it’s hard to know whether we can believe him given how frequently he continues to have legal problems and lapses.

Conor McGregor appears to announce retirement via Twitter

Conor McGregor

Has Conor McGregor just delivered the most abrupt mic drop in recent memory?

The UFC fighter sent a cryptic tweet on Tuesday afternoon in which he appeared to announce that he was stepping away from the sport.

To say this is strange and abrupt would be an understatement. For one thing, McGregor was tweeting about training for his next fight as recently as yesterday.

McGregor lost to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 back in March, and was set to engage in a rematch with him at UFC 200. McGregor has been hard at work focusing on his fighting. Is this for real, was he hacked, or is this some elaborate joke? We’ll have to wait and find out.

UPDATE: McGregor has been removed from UFC 200. Dana White says McGregor would not participate in the press conferences.

Dada 5000 says he pushed himself too much in training

Dada 5000

What looked like an embarrassing effort from Dada 5000 against Kimbo Slice back in February turned out to be a near-death experience, and it may have been caused by overdoing it while training.

In an appearance on “The Dan LeBatard Show” this week, Dada 5000 — whose real name is Dhafir Harris — explained that cutting 40 pounds in just a few months contributed to his kidney failure and cardiac arrest.

“I probably pushed myself,” Harris said, via Shaun Al-Shatti of MMAFighting.com. “Instead of taking a couple months, I probably double-timed it. So I wouldn’t say (I cut weight) poorly. I think that my body was not used to that, because I’m not a full-time fighter. … So at the end of the day, I think that my body having so much time being off, and to push it from zero to 60, that could be something to focus on.”

Harris says Kimbo “never touched me” and that he had a heart attack inside the ring. As he mentioned in his Instagram post earlier this month, Harris says he was pronounced dead and there was one point when doctors had written him off.

“I was dead,” he said. “When you talk about your spirit leaving your body, looking at the light, but it’s not your time to go, and you actually get brought back, that was my situation. Because I was pronounced dead, and they kept working, kept working, kept working. And I died minutes apart.”

The details we heard after Harris lost to Slice were incredibly disturbing, and it’s clear he is lucky to be alive. We’re guessing that was his last fight.

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Conor McGregor: Referee should have stopped Joao Carvalho fight earlier

Joao Carvalho

Conor McGregor questioned the referee’s timing in a fight that ended up killing MMA fighter Joao Carvalho.

Carvalho fought McGregor’s teammate, Charlie Ward, on Saturday for a Total Extreme Fighting bout in Dublin. The fight went three rounds, with Carvalho losing by TKO after the referee stepped in to stop Ward from continuing to slug Carvalho.

Carvalho was checked medically between rounds. After the fight, he initially showed signs of normal health. However, after about 10 minutes, he started vomiting and feeling nauseous and was taken in to the hospital in an ambulance. He ended up dying on Monday from head injuries.

After the fight, McGregor said he felt the referee should have stepped in earlier.

“My team-mate Charlie had a good win just there. Hell of a fight. Yer man [Carvalho] took some big shots,” McGregor told MMAConnectTV. “Thought it could have been stopped a little earlier. I feel these referee’s need to be on the ball a little bit.”

If you feel like you can take it, below is video from the fight. You can see that Ward definitely was able to get a few more swings in than he should have been allowed to:

This is just all the more reason not to question officials when they step in early to call a fight. It’s always much better to be on the safe side of protecting fighters rather than stepping in too late.

McGregor shared his condolences in a Facebook post:

Jon Jones says officer Jason Brown has racial profiling history

Jon Jones

Jon Jones is fighting back against the officer who pulled him over for allegedly drag racing in New Mexico last month.

Jones was adamant from the start that he was not drag racing despite officer Jason Brown claiming he was. The two got into a nasty exchange involving lots of name calling.

Now Jones is fighting back by pointing out Brown has been accused of racial profiling by black men in three complaints and is the subject of a lawsuit from another black man.

Officer Brown all over the news in Albuquerque after reporters dig up how many times he has been in trouble for racial profiling in the past. Being a father of biracial children, I'm definitely not one to pull the race card. At the same time, I'm not necessarily surprised about this discovery after the run in I had with him. Having him stand there, look me in the eyes and start accusing me of several things him and I both know I didn't do made me feel let down by the community, made me feel powerless, he made me feel like what was actually true had no power over him. Now it's easier for me to understand why so many people hold resentment towards law enforcement. Officer brown almost single-handedly ruined my trust in law-enforcement. The sad thing about it is, I actually went to school for criminal justice, I wanted to be an officer myself. Fortunately I know better than to let one person ruin my views of a whole group. Just glad people are finally bringing light to who I was dealing with that night.

A video posted by Jon Bones Jones (@jonnybones) on

The Albuquerque Journal has details on all the cases and says nothing materialized of the three complaints, with a spokesperson noting that those arrested for DWI tend to be highly upset over the accusation, leading to lots of complaints. The lawsuit alleging racial profiling is from a person who has at least five drunken driving convictions. Their full article detailing everything Brown is facing is worth a read.

Dada 5000 claims he ‘died’ during fight against Kimbo Slice

Dada 5000

Dada 5000 claims he was revived from the dead after his fight against Kimbo Slice nearly two months ago.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday that he later deleted, the MMA fighter, whose real name is Dhafir Harris, said he suffered two heart attacks during his loss to Slice and “died.”

Harris lost by TKO in the third round, but he went down because his body was failing — not because of the hit from Slice. He suffered a broken orbital bone and was severely dehydrated and fatigued. At some point, Harris went into cardiac arrest. You can watch a video of the finish here.

Harris lost 40 pounds heading into his fight against Kimbo, which may have contributed to his poor health. From the sound of it, he is fortunate to be alive.

H/T MMAFighting.com

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