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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The moment Charles Barkley shows how clueless he is about college basketball (Video)

Charles Barkley is part of CBS’ coverage of March Madness for one reason and one reason only: He is entertaining. Watch him for the laughs and the jokes, because you definitely don’t want to take any of his college basketball analysis seriously. The guy doesn’t follow the sport very closely and showed that on Sunday.

During halftime of the Kansas-Wichita State game, Barkley was providing some analysis and breaking down how the Jayhawks were playing. He mentioned that Cliff Alexander was playing pretty good, but there was one big problem: Alexander wasn’t even playing in the game!

As anyone who has been following things the past few weeks can tell you, Alexander hasn’t been playing the past month because of an eligibility concern. As someone who is getting paid big money to provide analysis of the NCAA Tournament, I would expect Barkley to at least know which key players are or are not playing at this time of year because of injuries, suspensions, or anything else. At the least, I would expect them to pay attention to the given game and know who’s playing. Barkley struck out on both accounts.

Just take this as a reminder to look at Chuck as nothing more than an entertainer. Value his NBA commentary if you must, laugh at his funny anti-stats takes, but it’s pretty clear his college basketball knowledge is worthless.

Charles Barkley

Video via SB Nation

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