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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Kliff Kingsbury answers hard-hitting question about Band-Aids from preschooler

Kliff-Kingsbury-Texas-TechKliff Kingsbury is a full-blown celebrity in the state of Texas and beyond. The Texas Tech coach’s good looks have left fans swooning and comparing him to Ryan Gosling. One Little kid even dressed as Kingsbury for Halloween this past October. Despite that, it doesn’t appear that the 34-year-old has let the fame go to his head.

Students from a pre-K class in Texas recently wrote Kingsbury a letter asking him an incredibly tough question. The little tikes wanted to know, “Do players fall down and get Band-Aids?” The Red Raiders coach wrote back.

“Thanks for writing me and that is a great question!” Kingsbury replied. “When our players fall down and get cuts or scratches, they do usually get Band-Aids.”

As Graham Watson of Dr. Saturday noted, Kingsbury is known for being very involved with the community. Taking time to answer hilarious questions from preschoolers is a prime example of that.

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