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#pounditFriday, February 23, 2024

Video: Matt Campbell calls timeout to berate referee

Matt Campbell angry

Iowa State coach Matt Campbell was so furious with a targeting call on Saturday that he burned a timeout just to let the referee know about it.

Campbell was fuming over the officiating in the first half of Saturday’s game against Baylor. The Cyclones were hit with a controversial targeting ejection on their first defensive series, and things did not get better. Campbell finally blew his top after his team was penalized for a block below the waist on this play.

Campbell had had enough. He was so furious with the officials that he actually called timeout just to have more time to berate them.

Campbell’s anger seemed justified, but it’s not often that you see a coach go that berserk. Fortunately, it was the first half, so he probably didn’t need that timeout as much as he might have in the second.

The Iowa State coach is certainly known for having a short fuse with referees sometimes. This might be one of his better tantrums, though.

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