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Monday, December 10, 2018

Security Guard Fired for Shoving Minnesota Fans as They Rushed Field (Video)

While rushing the field or court in college athletics is “illegal” and frowned upon in the student handbook, it is not a rule that security staffs normally enforce.  As long as the celebration remains under control and fans don’t do anything stupid, there’s nothing wrong with a little unity after a big victory.  A security guard at the Iowa-Minnesota game last Saturday was having none of that, as he was trucking and tripping fans who rushed the field after the Minnesota victory.  Check out this video via The Wiz of Odds:

It’s one thing to lay out a drunken fan who rushes the field during a game, but is this really necessary?  The Star Tribune report said security guards were told before the game to “protect the stadium’s assets” such as the goal posts, but this clearly goes beyond doing that.  In reality some of these guys just think they’re superheroes and like to choke fans or try to body them just to seize the opportunity to use some force.  Thankfully, this particular security guard was fired.

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