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Monday, December 10, 2018

Adrian Peterson lists several teams he believes would be fit for him

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson had trouble finding work last offseason before the New Orleans Saints eventually signed him, and he may find the market even tougher heading into 2018. Despite that, the 33-year-old feels there are several teams that should give him a long look.

In an appearance on ESPN’s “NFL Live” recently, Peterson was not shy about ratting off potential landing spots.

“Obviously, I’ve mentioned Houston a couple times,” he said. “I feel like Green Bay wouldn’t be a bad look as well, Carolina — there’s some options out there. Miami. Down there in St. Louis, that would be a nice look with Todd Gurley.”

Wait a minute, St. Louis? Peterson was obviously referring to the Los Angeles Rams, but the fact that he said “down there in St. Louis” seems to refer to the geographic location, which means he may have briefly forgotten that the franchise relocated.

Peterson realizes his days of being a featured back are over, and he has adjusted his expectations accordingly.

“You see around the league (a lot of) two-back systems,” he continued. “Guys are not really pounding the ball 20 or 30 times a game, so I think that leaves the door open for a couple of opportunities for me.”

Peterson has also mentioned a possible reunion with one team he played for last season, but that seems highly unlikely. While it wouldn’t be shocking if a team brings him into camp to see what he has left in the tank, no one would be surprised if A.P. has played his last down in the NFL.

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