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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Watch: Atlanta Legends convert onside kick with thrilling play

AAF conversion

The AAF is utilizing some rules that differ from the NFL, including how kickoffs and onside kicks are attempted. There are no kickoffs; teams start with the ball at the 25. Since there are no kickoffs, there are also no onside kicks. However, they have a rule that allows teams the chance to go for an onside conversion under circumstances. If a team is down by 17 or more points, or trailing with five or fewer minutes left in the game, they can attempt an onside conversion following a touchdown with a 4th-and-12 play from their 28-yard line.

The Atlanta Legends went for one of these onside conversion attempts during their game against the Birmingham Iron on Sunday. They were able to convert thanks to a long pass play:

Atlanta still lost the game 28-12, but that was one heck of a way to try and close the margin.

Traditional onside kicks are fun plays, and so is this one. The big change from the AAF that I love is forcing teams to attempt 2-point conversions after touchdowns rather than extra points. And in case you missed it, Trent Richardson has been a touchdown machine for the Iron.

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