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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Ex-NFL RB Justin Forsett shares how brutal playing on Oakland Coliseum dirt is

Oakland Coliseum

It’s pretty ridiculous that in 2019 we still have NFL teams playing on dirt infields thanks to a shared stadium with a baseball team, but that’s the case with the Oakland Raiders — for now.

The Raiders share Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum with the A’s. That means the dirt infield overlaps with the football field during baseball season.

Some viewers may not think much of it — football players are big, tough, and take hard hits. What’s a dirt infield to them?

Well, Justin Forsett, who played nine seasons in the NFL as a running back, shared on Twitter just how brutal that dirt is.

That does not sound like fun.

The poor conditions at the Coliseum are part of the reason why the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. There they will have their own stadium and won’t have to worry about dirt infields. The Coliseum has plumbing issues, leaks, and one MLB pitcher has called the stadium “disgusting.”

It sounds like NFL players won’t miss the dirt infield.

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