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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Swansea ballboy Charlie Morgan bragged about being a time waster before match

eden hazard charlie morganSwansea City ballboy Charlie Morgan became a sympathetic figure after he was kicked in the ribs by Chelsea’s Eden Hazard during a Capital Once Cup semifinal match on Wednesday, but a pre-match tweet suggests Morgan’s actions were deliberate.

Swansea and Chelsea were scoreless with about 10 minutes left when a ball went out of bounds. The clock continued to run as Hazard attempted to put the ball back in play. Chelsea lost the first leg to Swansea, so they needed at least two goals in the next 10 minutes in order to advance and couldn’t afford to waste any time.

Morgan, who has served as a Swansea ballboy for six years, smothered the ball and wouldn’t let Hazard get to it. Hazard attempted to pry it loose but he had no luck. He ended up kicking Morgan to get the ball loose, causing several Swansea players to go after him.

Many people were critical of Hazard for his actions and police reportedly are looking into the matter. Though Hazard went too far by kicking the 17-year-old, this tweet from Morgan puts the situation in a different context:

“The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance” needed for time wasting. Hmm. It’s pretty obvious that Morgan was intentionally rolling over on the ball in a form of home cooking.

Morgan said he hadn’t been acting as a ballboy this season and was called in because one couldn’t make it because of the snow.

Hazard apologized for his actions while the 17-year-old Morgan said he would not be pressing charges.

To give you even more background on the matter, Morgan’s parents are part owners of Swansea and reported to be worth £42 million. Morgan uses his Twitter account to brag about his lavish lifestyle and show off his wealth. And as this video shows, the kid is a regular prankster:

Hazard reacted too harshly and shouldn’t have kicked Morgan, but as we’re seeing, the youngster is hardly an innocent victim.

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