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Did Packers tell Aaron Rodgers they were going to trade him?

Aaron Rodgers

Is Aaron Rodgers frustrated with the Green Bay Packers in part due to a trade not happening? That’s what one very interesting rumor suggests.

Former ESPN host Trey Wingo said on Twitter Thursday that the Packers told Rodgers they were going to trade him over the offseason. When they backed off, things became problematic between both sides.

Wingo says within the last week, Rodgers told the Packers he would not play for them again.

Why would the Packers have told Rodgers they would trade him and then not do it? The team seemingly has been trying to rework his contract. Were they thinking he would blink? Something there doesn’t seem to add up.

If the Packers do become open to trading Rodgers, there is one team that already is trying to get him.

Packers GM issues response to Aaron Rodgers reports

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst is attempting to play down reports about quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ unhappiness in Green Bay.

In a statement issued to the media, Gutekunst said the Packers are “committed” to Rodgers “in 2021 and beyond.”

“As we’ve stated since the season ended, we are committed to Aaron in 2021 and beyond,” Gutekunst said, via the Associated Press. “Aaron has been a vital part of our success and we look forward to competing for another championship with him leading our team.”

This reads like an attempt at damage control that is coming far too late. The team’s decision to use its first-round pick on quarterback Jordan Love in 2020 was taken by Rodgers as a message that his days in Green Bay were numbered. At no point in the last year has anyone involved been able to shake that perception, and it’s clear that Rodgers still believes that.

It sounds like there are many other issues factoring into Rodgers’ unhappiness, and the Packers appear to be stuck both unwilling and unable to accommodate him. At this point, there really isn’t anything Gutekunst can say publicly to quiet the speculation that will only increase from here.

Report details how Aaron Rodgers’ contract talks with Packers went

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay. That much has been established.

The 37-year-old quarterback was upset last year when the Packers drafted Jordan Love in the first round. Not only was that an obvious sign the Packers thought Rodgers’ career was winding down, but taking a quarterback prevented them from helping the team add first-round talent to other positions.

Rodgers gave obvious signs as soon as the season ended that he wasn’t happy with Green Bay. There was some thinking that he was angling for a new contract.

So what transpired that led up to Thursday’s report that Rodgers wants out? NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport says Rodgers’ agent went to Green Bay. Rodgers wanted a contract extension, but Green Bay just wanted to restructure his current deal, which runs through 2023. When word got out that Rodgers wasn’t happy, teams came calling. The Packers then offered Rodgers an extension, but nothing happened.

And that leads us to Thursday, when news leaked that Rodgers wants out.

Rodgers just won NFL MVP and seems to have at least a few good years left in him. The Packers probably had some reasonable concerns about committing so much money to him given Rodgers’ age. Now it seems he is ready to force his way out. Keep in mind that the Packers reportedly have felt limited by Rodgers’ contract.

Rodgers has three years left on his contract after signing a 4-year extension in 2018. He has a $37 million cap hit in 2021 and would cost the team $38 million in dead cap money if cut. His cap hit is nearly $40 million in 2022, though his dead cap money drops to $17 million, which is a more manageable amount of money if the Packers wanted to move on from him. Rodgers is taking up around 20 percent of the $182 million salary cap in 2021.

Here is why Aaron Rodgers is so unhappy with Packers

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is reportedly so unhappy with the Green Bay Packers that he does not want to return to the team, and it sounds like there are several factors that led to his frustration.

The tension between Rodgers and the Packers really seemed to reach a boil a year ago, when Green Bay traded up in the first round of the draft to select quarterback Jordan Love. Rodgers has admitted he was not pleased about the decision. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Thursday that Rodgers wants out of Green Bay, and the Love pick is one source of frustration for him.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Rodgers’ contract is also an issue. The 37-year-old has wanted an extension rather than a restructure, but the negotiations have not gotten anywhere.

Depending on who you ask, the contract dispute may only be a small issue in the grand scheme of things. If you remember, Rodgers was frustrated three years ago that the Packers made significant changes to the team without consulting him first. Those changes included moving on from wide receiver Jordy Nelson and quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt. His discontent has probably been building for a while.

Rodgers raised a big red flag with the comments he made after the NFC Championship Game this year, though he later downplayed them. He has also taken shots at Green Bay’s front office in the past. It sounds like he simply wants out.

Could Aaron Rodgers become the full-time host of Jeopardy?

Aaron Rodgers Jeopardy

When it was announced that Aaron Rodgers would be guest-hosting “Jeopardy!”, most assumed it was for a combination of fun and charity. However, the Green Bay Packers quarterback made clear he wanted the permanent job — and apparently he has a shot at it.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Rodgers “really impressed” the show’s producers during his two-week stint as guest host. The quarterback was impressive enough that he will reportedly receive consideration for the permanent job once that decision is made.

If there’s any doubt about whether Rodgers would want the job, you only need to know how hard the quarterback prepared for the gig. Some might question how he could host a game show while simultaneously playing quarterback in the NFL, but he appears to have a plan for that, too.

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly the biggest Rodgers rumor going around at the moment.

Report: Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers have denied that there is any tension between Aaron Rodgers and the team, but the star quarterback apparently feels much differently.

Rodgers has told some within the Packers organization that he does not want to return to the team, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. The team is aware of his frustrations and has had president Mark Murphy, general manager Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur all fly out to meet with Rodgers in separate trips this offseason.

The Packers have made it known to rival teams that they have no intention of trading Rodgers, but the 37-year-old remains unhappy with his situation. Schefter confirmed that the San Francisco 49ers reached out to Green Bay about a potential trade for Rodgers. The Los Angeles Rams also placed a call before they traded for Matthew Stafford back in January.

Green Bay has reportedly offered to extend Rodgers’ contract, but it does not sound like any progress has been made on that front. Gutekunst said earlier this week that the team is “working through things” with Rodgers’ contract and remains fully committed to the three-time MVP.

Rodgers’ discontent stems in part from the Packers trading up to draft quarterback Jordan Love in the first round last year without informing the veteran of their plans.

Rodgers has three years left on his contract after signing a four-year extension in 2018. His cap hit is around $37 million this year and nearly $40 million in 2022. He sent Packers fans into a collective panic with the comments he made after the NFC Championship Game, though he later downplayed them. It now sounds like the concern is warranted.

Report: Packers turned away 49ers’ trade inquiry for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

The San Francisco 49ers are preparing to select a quarterback with the third overall pick in Thursday night’s NFL Draft, but their preference may have been to use the pick to acquire one of the greatest players in football history.

The 49ers reached out to the Green Bay Packers on Wednesday about potentially trading for Aaron Rodgers, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports. No formal offer was made and there is said to be a “zero percent chance” the Packers trade Rodgers.

While Pelissero was told no actual offer was made, a rumor on Thursday claimed the Niners offered the No. 3 overall pick, Jimmy Garoppolo, more draft picks and then some.

The 49ers probably knew they had virtually no chance of acquiring Rodgers, but it is not a surprise that they tried. If you remember, they also reached out to the New England Patriots a few years back about trading for Tom Brady. Niners general manager John Lynch has confirmed that happened and even shared a funny story about making the call.

There has been an awkward tension between Rodgers and the Packers this offseason, beginning when the three-time MVP made these comments after losing the NFC Championship Game. The two sides also have not been able to work out a restructured contract, but team executives insist they are committed to the 37-year-old QB

If there is one thing we know about Lynch, it’s that he is always going to shoot his shot.

Rumor claims 49ers made massive trade offer for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers grew up in the Bay Area, so naturally there was some talk of him potentially playing in San Francisco when he seemed unhappy with his situation in Green Bay. According to the NFL rumor world, the 49ers tried to make that happen.

Paul Allen, the radio voice of the Minnesota Vikings on KFAN FM 100.3, said this week that the Niners made a massive trade offer to the Packers for Rodgers. The proposal supposedly included the No. 3 overall pick in the draft, other draft picks, Jimmy Garoppolo and several other San Francisco players.

This is the first we have heard about the 49ers making an actual offer for Rodgers, so it’s fair to be skeptical. A report back in February claimed the Niners had interest in the 37-year-old quarterback, but that came from an NBA insider and can be taken with a grain of salt as well.

What would not surprise us is if the Niners made a call to Green Bay at some point. There has been an awkward tension between Rodgers and the Packers this offseason, beginning when the three-time MVP made these comments after losing the NFC Championship Game.

Rodgers and the Packers have not been able to work out a restructured contract this offseason, but team executives insist they are committed to him.

Pat McAfee thinks Packers will ‘mail in’ draft and fail Aaron Rodgers

Pat McAfee

It’s a fair question whether the Green Bay Packers are properly building around Aaron Rodgers. Former NFL punter Pat McAfee thinks the answer is clearly no.

McAfee told Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post that he expects the Packers to make a “boring” pick that will work out down the road but do little to help Rodgers win now.

“If they would go in and get more weapons around (Rodgers) so if somebody gets injured they’re OK and they can make a run, or maybe bulking up that defense that seems to get beat whenever they have to make a stop,” McAfee said. “There’s a lot of things they could do, but with the Packers it seems like what they always do is they just prepare for the future and kind of mail it in.

“They’ll make some boring move that will end up being good for them as they get three years from now and the team will still be good, but Aaron Rodgers is the best in the game, the MVP. If they were just to make some moves and go all-in and think differently than they’ve chosen to do it would be great news for everybody, including Packers fans.”

Why is this notable? McAfee had Rodgers as a weekly guest on his radio show last season. While it would be a stretch to say McAfee is speaking for Rodgers, the ex-punter certainly knows better than most what Rodgers is thinking at the time. The Packers quarterback has made little secret of it, too, based on some subtle yet clear remarks he’s made on McAfee’s show.

Other people within the sport say the Packers have blamed Rodgers’ contract for the lack of big moves. With fixed salaries for draftees, that won’t be an excuse for the team if they make a pick similar to the one they did last year.

Packers GM offers update on Aaron Rodgers’ contract situation

Aaron Rodgers

It seems fairly obvious that there has been tension between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers this offseason, but general manager Brian Gutekunst continues to insist the team is giving no thought to parting ways with its star quarterback.

In a pre-draft press conference with reporters on Monday, Gutekunst did not rule out Rodgers and the Packers agreeing to a restructured contract. He said the two sides are still “working through” things on that front. The GM also reiterated that the Packers are fully committed to Rodgers.

“Aaron’s our guy. He’s going to be our quarterback for the foreseeable future (and) excited for the next couple of years,” Gutekunst said, via ESPN’s Rob Demovsky.

Rodgers has three years left on his contract after signing a four-year extension in 2018. His cap hit is around $37 million this year and nearly $40 million in 2022.

The Packers could convert some of Rodgers’ $14.7 million base salary for next season into a signing bonus, which would free up salary cap space for 2021 but increase his dead cap hit for 2022. One line of thinking is that Green Bay doesn’t want to make that kind of commitment with Rodgers in case they decide to move on from him. Rodgers might be looking for assurances from the Packers that he’s not a lame duck.

It’s unclear exactly why Rodgers and the Packers have not agreed to a restructure, but it sounds like it has prevented the team from making certain moves this offseason. A new agreement is less likely with each passing day.