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Charles Barkley has hilarious new nickname for Kyrie Irving

Charles Barkley on the TNT set

Charles Barkley may be 58 years old and not quite in basketball shape. But he can still posterize today’s NBA stars just fine.

The TNT analyst sent social media into hysterics on Thursday with his funny new nickname for Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving. As the broadcast aired footage of Irving warming up for a game against the Washington Wizards, Barkley dubbed Irving, “Half-Man, Half-A-Season.”

Barkley’s hilarious swipe is a play on Vince Carter’s old nickname of “Half-Man, Half-Amazing.” As it relates to Irving, “Half-A-Season” is in reference to Irving only being available to play in away games for the Nets this season due to his vaccination status.

Granted, even “Half-A-Season” is generous for Irving, who has played in just 13 of 55 games for Brooklyn so far this year. But we know Barkley is no fan of Irving, being especially critical of Irving’s part-time status. Christening him “Half-Man, Half-A-Season” is both comical and on-brand for Barkley.

Photo: May 20, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Former NBA player and current TNT television personality Charles Barkley prior to game one of the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs between the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers at Philips Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard mimicked Shaq, Charles Barkley ahead of Lakers’ TNT game

Dwight Howard walks

Dwight Howard had a great reaction on Thursday upon learning that his Los Angeles Lakers were playing a nationally-televised game on TNT.

Howard was walking through the tunnel ahead of his Lakers’ game against the LA Clippers. He saw a TNT camera and that’s when he realized he was on TNT. Howard then began to mimic Shaq and Charles Barkley, TNT’s analysts, in hilarious fashion.

“We gotta hear Charles and Shaq talk,” Howard began.

He then mocked the way Shaq talks and then did his Barkley impression.

“Lemme tell you about the Los Angeles Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers, they not winning because …” Howard said in his Barkley voice.

His impression was great, and his reaction to the TNT camera was perfect. He seems to enjoy doing his Shaq and Chuck impressions.

His Lakers lost the game 111-110. Howard had seven points and four rebounds, but he did have the viral video hit, so that counts for something.

Charles Oakley says Charles Barkley is being punished

Charles Barkley on the TNT set

Charles Barkley is one of the most popular sports analysts of all time due to his unapologetic style and willingness to criticize the NBA’s biggest stars. According to Charles Oakley, that popularity has come with a cost.

Oakley has long had beef with Barkley, and Oakley makes it clear in his new book “The Last Enforcer” that the two are not on good terms. Oakley mentioned in the book how Barkley has a strained relationship with Michael Jordan and many other NBA legends. He said Barkley is often not invited to the party with the other cool kids because of it.

“So I know he wants to come to the cookout and play 18 holes with us. But we’re not inviting him no more. He’s out,” Oakley wrote, via the Toronto Star. “You act up, you go stand in the corner with one leg in the air. … That’s Charles, in the corner of the playground by himself. You can see him, because he’s kind of big.”

There’s a story that Oakley punched Barkley in the face at an NBA Players Association meeting during the 1990s. Oakley said that is not accurate but claims he “did, however, slap the s— out of him.” The former New York Knicks star insisted in an interview with GQ this week that he has “no issue” with Barkley, but the two clearly are not friends. Oakley said Barkley can dish out criticism but doesn’t like taking it.

“He probably got an issue with me — ‘Why Oak always gotta talk about me?’” Oakley said. “Same way you get to talk about these young kids now, trying to make a living for themselves.

“You criticize them every night. So, why can’t somebody criticize you? You was an a– when you played. Great talent, but ask anybody he played with, he was an a– to play with. It was never teamwork. It was all about him. So, hey: It is what it is.”

Oakley has called Barkley out in the past over some of his analysis. Barkley has also had a fractured relationship with Jordan for years, and Chuck admitted last year that he is bothered by that.

Again, Barkley is a tough analyst. That often bothers today’s NBA players, and it has impacted his relationship with some of his peers as well. That is certainly the case with Oakley, Jordan and other players from Barkley’s era.

Photo: May 20, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Former NBA player and current TNT television personality Charles Barkley prior to game one of the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs between the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers at Philips Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Trae Young had hilarious diss for Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley on the phone

Charles Barkley got a taste of his own medicine this week.

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young was announced on Thursday as one of the All-Star Game starters for the Eastern Conference, having received one of the highest voting totals. The TNT analyst Barkley said on “Inside the NBA” that he disagreed with Young being named a starter. Barkley thought that Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine should have gotten Young’s spot instead.

Young reacted to Barkley in a funny tweet. He thanked fans for helping him get a starting spot and also left some space in the tweet to tell Barkley to “eat a Twinkie and be quiet sometimes.”

TNT shared Young’s tweet on the air and Barkley’s co-hosts had a good laugh about it.

To Barkley’s point, LaVine’s Bulls are just half a game out of first place in the East while Young’s Hawks are 12th. But Young has better numbers than LaVine (27.7 points and 9.3 assists per game to LaVine’s 24.9 and 4.3 per game). LaVine also has a better supporting cast, including another player who was named an All-Star starter in DeMar DeRozan.

As for the Twinkie diss, Barkley probably had it coming from the now two-time All-Star Young. He has not exactly spoken highly of Young before.

Photo: Norm Duve American Century Championship

Charles Barkley gets hit with memes for disgusting moment on ‘Inside the NBA’

Charles Barkley licking his glasses

Charles Barkley gives opinions like a savage, and he apparently cleans his belongings like a savage as well.

The “Inside the NBA” host went viral on Thursday for a disgusting moment that aired on the TNT broadcast. Barkley got caught cleaning his glasses … by licking them directly.

The Basketball Hall of Famer was clowned by his co-hosts, especially when he had a cleaning cloth right there with him. “I have to get it wet first,” Barkley hilariously retorted.

Barkley also got clowned on Twitter with some golden memes. Take a look.

Since Barkley licks his glasses first, that means that he is putting his tongue onto dirty lenses. That is downright nasty.

To his credit, Barkley had some great moments during the day’s broadcast. But his barbaric glasses-cleaning display was definitely not one of them.

Charles Barkley rips Lakers for scapegoating Frank Vogel, Russell Westbrook

Charles Barkley holds a microphone

Charles Barkley had some words for the Los Angeles Lakers over their handling of Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook.

Barkley was speaking on TNT’s “NBA Tip-Off” program Thursday prior to the Suns-Mavericks game. The TNT analyst called out the Lakers because he feels they are scapegoating Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook.

“The Lakers are such wussies. And I only said ‘wussies’ because I can’t say the word that I want to say. The way they have tried to throw Russell Westbrook and Frank Vogel under the bus is just really pissing me off,” Barkley said. “The people up top who put that trash together are running and hiding like cowards, saying ‘It’s Frank, it’s Russ.’ You put all them old geezers out there …”

Barkley went on to say that Stanley Johnson has been the Lakers’ second-best player lately behind LeBron James.

There was a report this week saying the Lakers were close to firing Vogel following a blowout loss to Denver on Saturday. Then on Wednesday night, Vogel benched Westbrook at the end of the Lakers’ loss to the Pacers.

The Lakers did a poor job building the roster for this season, and everyone saw it entering the season. Worse yet, they will have a hard time addressing their problems via the draft since they traded all their picks to New Orleans for Anthony Davis. But that’s the price they felt they had to pay, and that earned them a championship two seasons ago.

Photo: November 23, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Turner Sports sportscaster Charles Barkley before The Match: Tiger vs Phil golf match at Shadow Creek Golf Course. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Barkley explains why Ben Simmons can never play for 76ers again

Charles Barkley holds a microphone

Charles Barkley has been outspoken in urging the Philadelphia 76ers to trade Ben Simmons as soon as possible, and the Hall of Famer believes his former team is making a huge mistake by letting the situation drag on so long.

Barkley spoke with TMZ this week about the rift between Simmons and the 76ers. He said the Sixers have to make a decision in the near future. Barkley, who played for Philly for the first eight years of his career, also explained why Simmons could never return to the team.

“They’ve got to make a decision, but Ben Simmons is never gonna play in Philly again,” Barkley said. “The fans will never forgive him. I know those fans well. I thought my name was ‘Charles Barkley Son of a B–ch’ for a long time when I was there.”

Barkley added that the Sixers are “just being stupid and wasting Joel Embiid’s great season.” Embiid is averaging 27.3 points and 10.5 rebounds per game this year.

Earlier this season, Barkley ripped the 76ers for how they were handling Simmons’ behavior. The real problem is that president of basketball operations Daryl Morey is determined to get a star player and multiple draft picks in return for Simmons.

A report this week shed some light on just how committed Simmons is to staying away from the Sixers. The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 10, but there’s no guarantee any trade will be completed before then.

Photo: November 23, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Turner Sports sportscaster Charles Barkley before The Match: Tiger vs Phil golf match at Shadow Creek Golf Course. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Barkley has hilarious diet advice for Zion Williamson

Charles Barkley on the phone

Charles Barkley will probably be the first to admit that he had big problems with his diet during his NBA career. Now he has some fitting advice that Zion Williamson might be able to learn from.

During TNT’s “Inside the NBA” on Thursday, Barkley had wise words for the New Orleans Pelicans star Williamson, speaking from personal experience.

“I’m gonna put Zion on that diet that I was on at one point,” joked Barkley. “If it tastes good, spit it out … If it tastes good, spit it out.”

Amid laughter from his co-hosts in the studio, Barkley clarified that his remark was all in fun.

“We joke around, but we want this kid to get healthy ‘cause he’s got so much talent, seems like a great kid,” Barkley went on. “But the Pelicans gotta put their foot down. You’re gonna make a billion dollars if you can just get your weight under control.”

Barkley then elaborated further about his own NBA career.

“How many people around me would have told me I was fat and lazy?” he said. “‘Cause when you’re in the limelight, most people around you are enablers. ‘Cause you paying all the bills, you buying all the meals literally. They’re not gonna say, ‘Yo man, you’re gonna eat your way out the NBA.’

“Wonder who’s around Zion ‘cause I would sit him down and say, ‘Yo man, they giving money away to bums who can’t play. You’ve got so much talent. You could be the best player in the NBA,'” Barkley continued. “One of my problems with the NBA has always been, when I came to the NBA, we had veterans. Who’s the oldest player on the Pelicans? I think probably Brandon Ingram, and he’s like 25.”

We have definitely heard some funny stories over the years about Barkley’s eating habits as an NBA player. To his credit, he followed his own advice of “if it tastes good, spit it out” (sometimes a little too literally).

As for Williamson, he continues to be dogged by questions about his weight, especially during his ongoing injury absence. While there are indications that the former No. 1 overall pick is in better shape than many think, it cannot hurt to get some sage advice from the benevolent Uncle Chuck.

Photo: Norm Duve American Century Championship

Charles Barkley rips Kyrie Irving over part-time status

Charles Barkley holds a microphone

Charles Barkley is not a fan of Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving essentially turning NBA basketball into a side hustle.

On TNT’s “Inside the NBA” Thursday, Barkley ripped Irving, who just made his season debut for the Nets in a road win over Indiana on Wednesday.

“If you want to make a political point, which is silly and stupid, and not get vaccinated, that’s fine with me,” said Barkley. “But I don’t think it’s fair for me — OK, I’ll give an example. I love working with you guys. We work on Thursday night now. If I said to you guys, ‘Well, I’m only gonna work certain nights.’ Like, during the playoffs. That would be a better example. We’re on every night except Friday during the playoffs. If I said, ‘You know what, I’m not gonna work on the weekend,’ I don’t think that’s fair to you guys.

“To me, I have an issue with the entire thing,” Barkley went on. “Kyrie is a heck of a player. But to only play in road games, I don’t think it’s fair to the game … But more importantly, I don’t think it’s fair to the team.”

The Nets actually seemed to share Barkley’s viewpoint for much of the year. They did not accommodate Irving as a part-time player to begin the season. After all, doing so likely would have hurt their team chemistry and cohesion, especially with so many new players to integrate.

However, the Nets did a 180 after their roster was decimated by health and safety protocols. In December, they decided to allow Irving to play in road games (though he is still unable to play in home games as an unvaccinated player due to local New York City regulations). In his first game back, the star guard scored 22 points in Brooklyn’s eight-point win over the Pacers.

The counterpoint to Barkley’s argument, which was raised by co-host Kenny Smith, is that Irving is not balking on his commitments as an NBA player by choice. Thanks to the local health regulations, he can either play part-time or not play at all. But then again, all this stems from Irving’s decision to be unvaccinated, so you could argue that he is a part-time player by choice.

In any case though, it is clear that Barkley is not really a fan of Irving. Also, part-time players are largely unprecedented in NBA history (other than, for instance, the late Elgin Baylor playing only on weekends while he was on active military duty in the 1960s). Thus, these unusual waters that Irving is wading in are sure to elicit some strong opinions.

Photo: November 23, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Turner Sports sportscaster Charles Barkley before The Match: Tiger vs Phil golf match at Shadow Creek Golf Course. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Barkley shares hilarious story about Kobe Bryant cursing him out

Kobe Bryant

Charles Barkley has said in the past that it bothers him when superstar players only reach out to him after he criticizes them but never after he compliments them. Apparently that happened once with him and Kobe Bryant, and it left Chuck with a story he’ll be able to tell for the rest of his life.

During an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” Thursday, Barkley spoke about how sensitive star players can be when he calls them out. The Hall of Famer recalled one time when he ripped Bryant during TNT’s postgame show because Bryant barely took any shots in the second half of a game against the Phoenix Suns. Barkley noted that he had praised Bryant on countless occasions before, but Kobe didn’t care about any of that.

“I went off on him after the game saying, ‘Kobe, I’ve always liked you, but what you did tonight was bogus. You didn’t take a shot in the second half. You were trying to prove a point that you didn’t have any help,'” Barkley recalled. “He called me from 1 o’clock in the morning until 4 o’clock in the morning, cursing me out like a dog. It was all in text (message). We were going back and forth and I was like, ‘Yo, would you please call me?’ He called me every name in the book.”

You can hear the full story below, but beware that that video contains inappropriate language:

The game Barkley was referring to was Game 7 of a 2006 playoff series between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix. Kobe attempted just three shots in the second half of L.A.’s blowout loss, and the Lakers were eliminated. He faced a great deal of criticism for quitting on the team, as many thought he was trying to prove a point about how little help he had.

We’re guessing Barkley didn’t back down when Kobe called him out. As many other star players could tell you, that is hardly his style.

Photo: Apr 13, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Kobe Bryant (24) reacts against the Utah Jazz in the first quarter at Staples Center. Bryant concludes his 20-year NBA career tonight. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports