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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bobby Valentine crashes his bike while reading a text from Dustin Pedroia

Can you think of a more appropriate ending to the disastrous season the Red Sox have had than Bobby Valentine crashing his bicycle while reading a text message from Dustin Pedroia? Neither can we. While we certainly don’t want to see anyone get hurt, that’s the situation the world has presented us with.

According to the New York Times, Valentine — an avid cyclist — was riding on a slippery path in Central Park when he got a text from his second baseman. He looked up after reading it and realized he had swerve to avoid two tourists who were walking in front of him, which caused him to lose his balance and crash into a ditch next to the Central Park Reservoir. He suffered minor injuries to his knees and hips.

“I shouldn’t have been reading a text while I was riding,” he said. “That’s the wrong thing to do. But at least I was wearing my helmet.”

If you shouldn’t text and drive, you shouldn’t text and ride. As for the text, Bobby V. said Pedroia was informing him that he would play in Tuesday night’s game against the Yankees despite a broken ring finger on his left hand. Although the season is a lost cause for Boston, Pedroia has said he is trying to set an example for the team’s younger players by letting them know being in the majors means playing through injuries.

“Hey, if he can play with that, I can certainly manage with this,” Valentine said.

Not to mention, he should enjoy his managerial career while it lasts. After a season in which he made some mind-boggling coaching decisions, Tuesday and Wednesday night are likely the last two times Bobby V. will ever manage an MLB team.

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