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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Buck Showalter: the Home Run Derby is ‘Unwatchable’, Has Juiced Balls

Is there any out there who really, truly enjoys watching the Home Run Derby? Sure, some of the player antics can be entertaining. It’s fun to watch the camaraderie between some of the game’s best sluggers, but that’s pretty much where it ends. Obviously most of the players across the league are not fond of the event, which is why it seems like more and more hitters turn down the invitation every year.  I don’t think any of them hate the Derby as much as Buck Showalter.

Showalter, who has never been afraid to voice or show his displeasure with something, had some harsh words when asked about the Home Run Derby on Thursday.

“It’s hard to watch the home run hitting contest,” Showalter said. “Obviously, the balls are juiced. Those aren’t normal balls that they’re hitting. I’ve been in Arizona for a long time and you don’t hit balls where they’re hitting them. Trust me. And that’s not a well-kept secret that those aren’t the normal baseballs. But they can’t do anything to baseballs to make them go further, right?”

“I was looking at some of those places they were hitting those balls and I was going, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ But it was entertaining I hear. Did anybody watch it from start to finish?” he continued. “I didn’t think so. It’s unwatchable.”

Easy, killer.  It’s just a game.

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