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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cardinals Pitchers Grow Mustaches For Good Luck

Baseball players will do just about anything to turn their fortunes. Jason Giambi used to wear a gold thong for good luck, Jeff Francoeur didn’t change his boxers, and many players like screwing with their facial hair. We’ve seen Eric Byrnes grow a porn stache while he was on a hitting streak, and lately it’s the St. Louis Cardinals rocking the ‘staches. In fact, the pitching staff started growing them out recently and it’s translated to six wins in seven games. It certainly worked for Joel Piniero who threw a complete game on Thursday as the Cards beat the Brewers 5-1. Both he and Chris Carpenter have the best ones so far, as you can see:

Piniero has a nice, full one going while Carp’s is just starting to settle in. Perhaps Piniero can donate his trimmings to baby-faced Brad Thompson who says he’s done shaving after two swipes of the razor. Hey, 162 games is a lot — gotta do whatever it takes to keep a high level of enthusiasm, you know?

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