Chicago Cubs Fan Throws Home Run Ball Back, Almost Hits Miguel Tejada (Video)

That Cubs fan had quite the Henry Rowengartner moment at Wrigley Field Tuesday afternoon. He didn’t quite rocket it all the way to home plate, but that was quite the effort. He probably has a stronger arm than Juan Pierre to be honest.

It was also a much more impressive display from a Cubs fan than we’re used to lately. Back in April, we had one dump beer on a Pirates outfielder, and then around Opening Day we had … well I can’t even describe how hammered this Cubs fan was.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/dukevargo Michael Vargo

    Cubs fans are the worst. It may look amazing, funny,but what if he had hit tejada in the face with the ball and fractured bones.

    Funny, no, pathertic, yes. He should be thrown out on his ear and not allowed back for a season.