Clemens Lawyer Rusty Hardin: This Is Second Coming of Duke Lacrosse Case

In the half hour Roger Clemens propaganda rally Thursday, there was one statement that stood out to me. It was made by Clemens’ attorney Rusty Hardin, who did most of the speaking. Nothing much they had to say penetrated my skull except for this piercing blast by Mr. Hardin:

“You are about to see the second edition of the Duke case,” attorney Rusty Hardin said at a press conference in Washington. “I warn you, in five, six or seven months, any of you who got on the bandwagon about Roger taking steroids is going to be embarrassed. It’s a fabricated story.”

Well, I’m riding shotgun on this bandwagon. Hell, I’m the one steering the freakin’ rig. No doubt that crosses me sharply. Am I really getting sucked in and duped like the media and public were by that slimeball Mike Nifong? Could the public be as wrong about Clemens as they were about Duke Lacrosse? Count me as someone in the minority who thought the Duke Lacrosse charges were bogus to begin with. Am I in the majority here and doing the wrong thing by indicting Clemens based on the word of Brian McNamee? There wasn’t one moment all along that I doubted Roger Clemens was a user. But if anything disturbed my stance, it was this exact quote by Hardin; he’s forced me to re-check myself, and all of a sudden I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable.

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  • http://theworldofisaac.blogspot.com Isaac

    Where are the similarities in the two cases though?

    McNamee made accusations against other players that did in fact turn out to be true….The same cannot be said of the stripper

  • dan

    I tend to beleive McNamee. For one Pettite has corroborated McNamee’s claim on him already. I just feel a former MYPD officer has a little more credibilty than a selfish MLB pitcher

  • Gene

    I am not sure about this one. Yes, McNamee was right about Andy Pettitte, but when he produces waste from 2000-2001 and says he purposely saved it because he knew Clemens would turn on him, I have to wonder.

    Roger looks like he could have been on the juice, but so did his mentor, Nolan Ryan, who threw flame past his mid-40’s.

    On the other hand, everyone said that if an athlete or celebrity has been falsely accused, they should sue to clear their names. Roger is certainly fighting back, and we know that McNamee has his own agenda – to minimize or eliminate possible hard time.

    It’s a tough call at this time.

  • Terry

    My thought after hearing Rusty say that blast was “Wow..he’s good.” He is worth every penny Roger is paying him.

    Not that it changed my opinion, but it made me realize what McNamee is up against.