Jason Schmidt, Worst Signing of the Off-Season

It’s really sad, I just got done posting this at FanHouse, along with the news that Jason Schmidt is returning to the DL for the second time this year. In my post, I said that the Dodgers were on their way towards receiving as much production from Schmidt as the Yankees got from Pavano. That’s pathetic. So WTF, how can you account for this? Where does the blame go? In my season preview, I praised the Schmidt signing, and truthfully, I thought it was the best deal of the winter. Where did it all go wrong?

Sadly, I must place the blame on the Dodgers for this one. Since day one of Spring Training, it was written that Schmidt had no fastball. He had no velocity on his pitches. It was well-known, and the Dodgers were trying to hide the fact that they were concerned. Clearly their scouting departments and medical staff did not do their homework. If they had, wouldn’t they have known that the guy could no longer hit 90s on the gun? Wouldn’t they have seen something wrong with his arm and health? I honestly thought the contract was too good to be true. Maybe this is why.

Looks to me like the Dodgers were duped, sold a bill of goods here. They focused on Schmidt’s successful past, and failed to do their homework on his off-season struggles. They didn’t check him out thoroughly before signing him. I truly think Jason Schmidt is done for his career, and that this contract could sadly go down as one of the worst in Dodger history.

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  • http://waistingcotime.blogspot.com WCT

    Don’t worry, I’m the moron that predicted that Schmidt would win the NL Cy Young this year

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s not our fault. If he were the same guy we saw last year, he’d be in contention.

  • http://www.UCLAradio.com driver

    i can think of 2 worse deals done by the dodgers in recent history

    1) Todd Hundley
    2) Darren Dreifort (i have his autograph too)

  • Alan

    I don’t see how the medical staff okayed this one, if he’s now as bad as it seems. Either his arm was fine before they signed him or it wasn’t and one would think a staff of trained doctors whose business it is to check out athletes would be able to tell if something were wrong with his THROWING ARM!

    Maybe he assured them it was okay? Maybe they knew something was wrong and that was why he only got three years? Who knows but that signing went from being the best of the off-season to being completely worthless.

  • SAM

    DARREN DREIFORT…is hands down the worse signing in LA history….