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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

MLB All-Stars Do Snake Blood Shots in Taiwan (Picture)

Baseball players are known for their willingness to do extremely strange things if they think it might give them an edge.  Whether it means talking to your bat in the dugout or worshiping the most interesting man in the world, MLB players will do it if they perceive it is helping them win.  Apparently that goes for taking shots of snake blood in Taiwan as well.  Check out these picture that Busted Coverage shared with us:

Several MLB players are currently in Tawain for a five-game series against the Chinese Taipei national team, and they decided to partake in a local tradition that involves sacrificing a snake and pouring the blood into shot glasses.  Those who drink the blood are supposed to benefit from better stamina and healthier skin.

“I didn’t travel halfway around the world to not do what the natives do, so I’m going to try it,” relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkins said according to MLB.com. “It wasn’t bad at all. It’s supposed to give you stamina and help with the beauty of your skin. You should try it.”

“I figured it’s once in a lifetime,” Ty Wigginton added. “You might as well give it a shot. Hopefully it does bring me some powers. That would be cool. I can always use a little help.”

The MLB team won 7-0, so maybe the snake blood had an effect.  I’m all for embracing different cultures and keeping an open mind, but when it came down to it I’d be lying if I said I was positive I’d be shooting snake blood too.

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