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Monday, June 18, 2018

Phil Hughes mocks Derek Jeter by ordering Starbucks as ‘Sanderson’ (Picture)

Derek-Jeter-Phil-Hughes-YankeesDerek Jeter set the internet on fire earlier this week when photos showed him using the alias “Philip” for his Starbucks order. Going incognito may have worked for Jeter while he ordered his coffee, but it didn’t stop the paparazzi from blowing up his spot.

On Friday, one of his teammates — who happens to actually be named Philip — returned the favor.

Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes decided to hit up Starbucks and have some fun with Jeter in the process. As you may know, Jeter’s middle name is Sanderson. Check out the name Hughes used when ordering his beverage:

Bravo. Hopefully Hughes actually ordered the coffee using the name Sanderson and didn’t simply write it on the cup himself. Does anyone else see the next social media trend unfolding before our eyes? The art of ordering a coffee under a false name should be henceforth known as “Jetering.”

H/T Big League Stew

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