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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Terry Francona Suggests Managing in Philly was More Difficult than Boston

Ex-Red Sox manager Terry Francona joined FOX’s broadcast booth as an analyst for Game 1 of the ALCS. He was filling in for Tim McCarver, who had a minor heart procedure. Francona was extremely enjoyable as an analyst. His opinions were honest, he didn’t speak in cliches, and he provided commentary based on what unfolded in front of him, rather than what he had pre-determined as talking points.

Towards the end of the rain delay in Arlington, Joe Buck brought up an excellent question for Francona. He asked whether it was more difficult managing in Philadelphia or Boston.

“Philly was tough,” Francona admitted. “We were so bad, that was tough.

“Boston, they’re emotional and they care, but they want you to do well so bad. In Philadelphia, they want you to do well, but you better throw strike one, or they’re going to get nasty in a hurry.

“Those are two tough places,” he concluded.

Even though Francona said both cities were tough, you could tell by his response that he felt Philadelphia was tougher. Of course, it didn’t help that his teams in Philly didn’t have much success (they never won more than 77 games in his four years), but you figure if anyone has a proper perspective to answer the question, it would be a man who managed in both cities.

And even though Boston fans are difficult to please, given all the questionable behavior from Phillies fans, his answer was not too shocking.

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