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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Blake Griffin interrogates DirecTV, Viacom over channel dispute

DirecTV and Viacom are in the middle of a dispute that has kept Viacom channels from appearing in the DirecTV lineup for eight days and counting. The dispute has been a hassle for anyone who enjoys watching shows on Comedy Central, MTV, Nick, or any of the other Viacom channels. That even means Blake Griffin, who has extra time on his couch now that he’s rehabbing a knee injury.

The Clippers all-star decided to investigate the matter on Wednesday:

DirecTV showed some excellent customer relations and responded to Griffin:

After heeding the company line from DirecTV, Griffin turned his attention to Viacom:

Griffin is one of the more amusing athletes out there, and this exchange is just the latest example of his humor.

As far as the dispute goes, both sides have their points. Viacom says they receive more money for their channels from other providers and that’s why they want to raise the price. DirecTV claims Viacom is trying to force them to take additional channels like Epix and pass that extra fee on to customers. I have been a DirecTV subscriber for a long time and am sick of my bill going up each year. Sorry Viacom, but I support DirecTV as they stay strong protecting customers from a price hike.

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