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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dallas Mavericks Giving Away Playoff Tickets to Bald Fans

Tracking down playoff tickets for your favorite team is never an easy task. Here in the Boston area, we have to remortgage our houses or take out a loan to score a playoff ticket for a Red Sox, Patriots, or Celtics game.  With the way the Bruins have been playing lately, you can toss their names on that list too.  Heck, in some towns you need to get an ass tattoo in order to earn a trip to the NFC Championship game.

In Dallas, things are less complicated.  Dallas Neograft, a hair restoration facility in Dallas, is teaming up with the Mavericks to give follicly challenged fans a chance to attend a playoff game free of charge.  Dirk Nowitzki and company managed to sweep the Lakers in the first round, and the Mavs could now be looking at a few more shiny heads when they take the court in the Western Conference Finals.

According to the Mavericks release, fans should go to the Dallas Neograft Facebook page and upload a picture of their bald scalp for the chance to win free tickets and possibly a free hair restoration procedure.  Catch a playoff game and turn the clocks back 20 years?  Sounds like the deal of a lifetime to me.  Chest bump to A_RamseyLTSB for the tip.

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