Dwyane Wade, LeBron James make clutch shots to beat Pacers (Video)

What Dwyane Wade and LeBron James did for the Heat on Saturday epitomized teamwork. Down three to the Pacers with 21.1 seconds remaining, Dwyane Wade kicked to LeBron James who knocked down a three from the corner to tie the game at 85. There were still 10 seconds left on the clock, but LeBron got a steal on defense to send the game to overtime.

Miami trailed most of the overtime but tied the game at 91 before Wade won it with a jumper with 0.1 seconds left. Wade was actually leaning into Danny Granger to draw a foul, but he amazingly made the shot even though no foul was called.

LeBron will probably take some criticism for handing off to Wade for the final shot in overtime, but he shouldn’t. Not only did James make clutch plays to send the game to overtime, but Wade is a tremendous one-on-one player and arguably better outside shooter than LeBron. Wade shot 10-16 and 8-9 from the line to get 28 points while LeBron scored 27 on 8-19 shooting, so Wade was hotter.

LeBron may have received criticism for passing in the All-Star Game and against the Jazz, but yielding to Wade was the right team move Saturday and it paid off.

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  • Gene

    As you pointed out, he sank the 3 point shot and had a key steal, both of which sent the game into overtime.

    I still remember his off balance three pointer from downtown against the Orlando Magic in the playoffs a few years back.

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