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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dwyane Wade passes between Birdman’s legs to Ray Allen (Video)

Pass through Birdman's legDwyane Wade threw a pretty creative pass during Game 5 between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night.

Wade was being guarded by Carlos Boozer in the second quarter when he slipped and fell to the ground. Since he was being double-teamed, he decided to pass the ball from under the basket, but it’s unclear exactly to whom he was directing the pass. His pass went between teammate Chris Andersen’s legs to Ray Allen who was waiting in the corner. Allen missed the three, so Wade didn’t get credit for the assist, but give him credit for the creative pass.

Now the question must be asked: was Wade intending to throw the pass to Birdman or Allen?

Thanks to LBS contributor Gene for the tip

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