Floyd Mayweather Jr. says Jeremy Lin is getting attention because he’s Asian

Jeremy Lin is a bit of a mystery. How a kid from Harvard who was cut twice by NBA teams has become one of the league’s best players is truly baffling. All of us are confused about it in a way, but we certainly know why he has gotten so much attention. For starters, he was riding the bench for the Knicks a little more than a week ago. Now all of a sudden he has sparked their revival. The always outspoken Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a theory about why we can’t turn on the TV without hearing the name Jeremy Lin.

Normally I would say that’s inappropriate, but it’s so typical of Floyd that I have no emotions about it. If you told me somebody said the previous quote and gave me three tries to guess who it was, he would have been one of my three guesses. He should do us all a favor and stick to calling out Manny Pacquiao.

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  • Gene

    Sounds suspiciously like Isiah Thomas’ comment about Larry Bird that if he were black, he would be just another player.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherylsimpson77 Sheryl Simpson

    Dan Patrick said the same thing on his show yesterday.  No one seems to have a problem with a white guy saying it .   hmmmmmm……

  • Gene

    If Dan Patrick made the same comment, then he should be reprimanded as well.  I do not listen to his show because his ego is overwhelming.

    Any comments about race, especially stereotypes, should be left on the shelf.

  • Anonymous

    What about Teddy Kowalski? His comments are always ignored….he drives a Volkswagen

  • David Sims

    name a black player who went undrafted dropped by two teams into the d league and come into the league and average 24.4 points and 9.1 assits. the only other black players who do that all the time are kyle lowry rondo chris paul and maybe d rose. and trust me theyre not unnoticed