Kevin Garnett Doesn’t Deny He Tanked

One of the big stories floating around on Tuesday was the comment from Timberwolves owner, Glen Taylor, who said Kevin Garnett tanked down the stretch last season. Taylor went out of his way to specify that it wasn’t the entire team, but rather solely KG, who was tanking towards the end of the year, by not playing in the last five games. Well, obviously with his head focused squarely on the matter at hand — the Houston Rockets and their 22-game winning streak — KG wasn’t digging for NBA headlines during the day. So when he was interviewed after the game by TNT’s David Aldridge, he hadn’t heard about Taylor’s comments. When told by Aldridge what Taylor had said, here was Garnett’s response:

I’m in Boston, I care less what Glen Taylor thinks of Kevin Garnett. Right now, huge win for us. That’s nonsense. I don’t even know why he would bring that up …”

Now I’m not going to say that Garnett’s response was an indictment, but I will say I’m surprised he didn’t defend himself against the charges by Taylor. I would have expected something to the effect of: “I played there my whole career, gave it my all, took them to the playoffs … I always worked hard there.” Sure, KG was more or less ambushed by Aldridge about the matter, but I’m still surprised that he didn’t outright deny the tanking charge. That seems to me like it would have been the natural reaction if it were the case.

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  • Ace

    I just saw the video, and i think it was an appropriate response. He did say that it’s nonsense, and he did say “shows how much class some people have” or something like that. I think his point was that why did Taylor bring it up now. It’s just about the end of the season, he’s played how many games in a celtics uniform now? And it’s just coming out that he allegedly tanked at the end of LAST season?! He’s over his time with the T’wolves and he’s not gonna talk trash about their organization and he doesn’t want to waste his time arguing over a situation that has been almost a year gone by. Just my take. I’ve always seen KG as a stand up guy who competes at the highest level everynight he steps out on the court. He took the T’wolves further than they would have ever gone without him and with a just a little help could have brought home a couple championships.

  • Winslow Willis

    Kevin Garnett is the epidemy of class. If this incident had taken place ten years ago, you would have witnessed an entirely different response from this man. However, when you’re with a quarter of a billion dollars, and you have learned proper etiquette; you tend to have more important things on your mind than responding to some loser owner.

    KG is and has always been known as one of the hardest working players in the league. In fact, I would say that the Minnesota franchise tanked on KG years ago.

  • Nick

    This is such a stupid post. KG handled the situation the way he’s handled his entire career, with class. He doesn’t need to defend himself. Anyone with half a brain knows that there’s no one that plays harder than KG. He didn’t need to stoop to Glen Taylor’s level. Taylor should realize that without Garnett for the past 12 years, he wouldn’t even have a franchise to own.

  • Conejito

    A better headline would be, “Garnett Chooses not to Respond to Baseless Attacks.”

    Forgive me if I don’t continue to read through your obviously accomplished blog of “interview with bodyspray starlet.” Good job driving hits to your site, though. Thank god for adblock.